Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Two Girls + Two Drinks = Giggling!

Rachel came over tonight. I mixed us some drinks. We giggled and talked and gossiped and stalked people online and maybe got a little tipsy. I don't really like being tipsy, but I love those little moments shared with special friends.

And then Rachel explained to me how "they" got the glitter stuck to the popcorn-style ceilings in the 70's (because apparently some houses have glitter on the ceilings). Her onomatopoeia-ically graphic description involved an air compressor. She is not allowed to do any home decorating for me. Ever.

In other news, my route home tonight was blocked by high water. This makes me not happy. And then I got to see a few fields completely under water. That was pretty cool... seeing lake where I expected to see grass. I always wonder if the water hurts the grass. I'm told water is good for living things though... like me... like me, especially after drinking... a whole... one drink.

I'm such a cheap drunk. :)



crallspace said...

I wasn't stalked during this drunken affair!!

When a lot of women drink, I try to find a way out.

Jaggy said...

Do you really want two silly girls stalking you?

We weren't drunk, just almost tipsy. There's a huge difference.

And yeah, when there are a lot of women (drunk or not), I try to find a way out, too. :)