Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spring Break Boredom

I do not like breaks from school when everybody goes away. Mind you, I'm happy that everyone is off having fun, but I miss my friends! Come back - come back and take me with you!

Last night was fun - my roommate and I popped in a movie and had a drink before finally heading to bed around 1:00am. Note to self: Moulin Rouge might be better sober. I wasn't drunk, but the drink I had didn't help on a first time through that movie.

I made a dark chocolate fudge cake and frosted it with some cream cheese frosting - *DROOL* sooooooo tasty. I ate 3/4 of it in the last three days, and I'm chocolate caked OUT.

Got up today and milled about dinking with some projects, then my roommate and I went for a hike down the Old Growth Trail in McDonald Forest (William J. Davies Road to OGT, then back around and out). Surprisingly, I didn't have any trouble with the climb. Was a bit fatigued coming up the last part to the logging road, but otherwise it was fine. Slightly soupy in a few places... but physically I had very little trouble. Good to know that I'm not in as bad of shape as I expected! YAY!

Speaking of physical conditioning, I'm edging nearer to that elusive six-pack stomach I've been working for. Hard work, and the aforementioned chocolate cake isn't helping, but I'll make it eventually. My arms have developed nicely working on the weekends due to the stuff I have to lift (plates, 50lb milk crates, old people, etc.). Too bad my legs don't get a similar workout... I may have to implement some sort of walking/running/hiking regimen next term to get my leggies up to par with the rest of me.

I just started cutting out pieces to a paper model of a lighthouse. Yes, dear friends, your faithful blogger is so bored she's cutting out paper models to glue together in the hopes of replicating a minature lighthouse. The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse model will sit high on the tall bookcase collecting dust near it's friend, Yaquina Head. I have reached the bottom end of boredom. Woe is me, LOL.

Made a delicious pot of chicken noodle soup today from scratch. A friend is on his way over with a movie, so at least I will be entertained tonight. This weekend will be boring, but I hope people will start coming home early. Friends, friend peoples, I MISS YOU!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Shopping with Mom

I do not like shopping. But I love new clothes. So I have to go shopping.

Last week, Emily and I went up to Salem and I found a hot red shirt that will look sweet with a pair of tight blue jeans. Only problem: no tight pants in this girl's wardrobe.

Tuesday, Mom and I each took the day off and went up to Woodburn together to the factory outlet mall there. We looked at a ton of cool stuff, but I didn't purchase very much. A quick run-down:

Coolest purchase: Pop-Tart Container! It's shaped like a Pop-Tart, complete with fake frosting, and it is meant to safely store one package of (or two individual) Pop-Tarts. I love useless consumer products that don't solve any problems but look really cool. :)

Hottest purchase: Levi's 501 blue jeans. CLASSIC, traditional, comfortable, and just perfectly tight in all the right places.

Trendiest purchase: below-the-knee black skirt - will look very nice while dancing.

Most "Jaggy" purchase: one white t-shirt. Because you can't have too many plain white t-shirts. Okay, so you can, but this makes two for me.

Most awesome and totally useful purchase: PEPPER MILL! Matching salt shaker too. Oh boy, time to get cooking!

So there you have it, everything I bought (or Mom bought for me, in some cases). Mom and I also went for a drive, went out to lunch, and had a very nice time talking and musing and laughing. Yay for an awesome day with Mom (and thanks for all the stuff).

Monday, March 27, 2006

I Love Cleaning

The time has come, yet again, for me to point out one of my weird qualities. I truly enjoy cleaning. Probably get this from my mother, but my father is a neat, tidy guy too... both of my parents stressed organization while I was growing up. So naturally my room stays pretty neat and clean. But every once in a while I will get little piles of "to do" stuff, or a drawer stuffed full of junk I haven't gone through in a while. This tends to happen toward the end of a term when I get busy and lack motivation to clean.

Seeing as how it is now Spring Break and I have motivation and time to clean again, yay cleaning! I took three hours last night to deep clean my kitchen. Mind you, my roommates aren't terribly messy, but they don't really help me keep things up to my standards. So I attacked the kitchen. I then got into the bathroom. Oh yeah, high on cleaning fumes, it was great! Pine Sol is a wonderful product, as is Soft Scrub. Lysol... singing its praises too. Switched bags on the vacuum, so I had a ton of fun dancing with a vacuum.

Maybe it's something more people understand: salvaging. I like to take something nasty or old or icky and make it look good again. Not just, eh, it looks like it was supposed to before it got icky, but like, WOW, that looks even better! The most fun thing to clean is the drip pan from under the gas range at work. I don't know how the cooks burn so much stuff to that pan, but a few industrial chemicals strategically mixed together (do not try this at home, I have taken appropriate chemistry classes, I'm not just doing this blindly) and a lot of elbow grease and I have more fun seeing that pan go from BLACK to shiny and polished in half an hour. It's like... cool.

So yeah, I'm going to go clean something now. Or just watch a movie because I've already cleaned everything in the whole house already this week... yay for breaks!

Shifting Weight

I was walking across campus today while delivering something and taking a break from work when I walked past a young girl and her mother. They stopped to ask me if I attend OSU and what my year in school is. I politely informed them that I am a senior here, and that I will be graduating in the Spring. They said they were looking into OSU for the girl, and she blurted out that I "looked like I had been in college for a long time." LOL, I may have taken offense to that if I hadn't known exactly what she meant. I, too, thought that once upon a time. Allow me to explain...

As a freshman at OSU, I observed older students, particularly females, who had this "look" to them. They looked wise. They looked smart. They looked like they were ready to be done with school. I can't really describe the look... a combination of confidence and the ability to dress themselves on a dime... well, my words don't do it justice, but it's not a bad look in any case. The girl's comment had me thinking about how much I've changed in college, especially in the last year and a half since I moved out of my parents' house. I am more confident. I do have that look I used to see in the older students. Yeesh, I must be starting to look old! ;) That's okay though. I'm not afraid. I'm confident in my abilities and knowledge. I'm looking forward to being done, to being out of here, to starting a life outside the institution.

I have become "one of the old birds" officially... and I kind of like it.

Friday, March 24, 2006

A Word About Religion

I was not raised going to church every Sunday, nor did we observe very many religious holidays with more than a glancing notice (Christmas excluded). I was never formally baptized, though I believe the event did occur in another way, and I do consider myself Christian. My faith is strong, my intentions are generally pure, and I do strive to be a good person (sorry if that's ambiguous, it's just what it is).

The questions recently posed to me: "What will you do if the person you intend to marry has a different religious philosophy than you? How will you raise your children?"

I really had to think about that for a bit. First, I would never consider marrying someone I wasn't "religiously compatible" with, but seeing as how I'm sort of a Christian Mutt, it's not hard for me to blend with any denomination. As with my upbringing, I would like my children to have the option of choosing a church for themselves, an opportunity to experience all that religion has to offer. But if I find "Mr. Perfect," and he's a church-goer, I will stand by him and accept his church as mine, or we will find another one together. It's more important to have a relationship with God out of church than inside anyway, so it doesn't matter much to me which church I'm in, be it Catholic or Episcopalian or Methodist... Furthermore, I will raise my children to be good people, church or no.

A shared vision is more important than the name of the church or the people inside. It will be my honor to share in my future husband's church and beliefs if he has them. If not, I still have mine, and nobody will change that part of me. :)

See, I'm learning to pick my battles... it all starts with knowing which battles to pick...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I am evil, but not so much

How to get a guy to take you on a date:

Boy: I have a ton of stuff to do.
Girl: You should take me out tonight.
Boy: Okay.

I never thought it would work, never in a million billion years. But I have a date tonight with a boy. And he's making me plan the whole thing. So now I know what the pressure is like. God? Did I do something wrong, or is this punishment for being foward with a boy?

Ideas many, realistic ideas are few. If only I had a magic carpet, we could be to the coast in like, two hours! ;) So yeah, the plan, so far, involves him "picking me up" at 7:30pm and at some point going to Coldstone Creamery for ice cream. And no curfew - for like, the first time ever for me. This is weird... a date, no curfew, and it's not even supposed to rain tonight (in March in Oregon, that's unheard of).

Yesterday Emily and I went shopping in Salem. We both got some cute stuff, but my new red shirt is simply... WOW. Jeff thought so too when he saw it. I think he drooled a bit. So at least I don't have to figure out what to wear, thankfully. That cuts out a ton of stress. EEK what pants?! What shoes!?

Forget it, I'm the prize, not the clothes. And I am evil. You should take me out tonight. LOL!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Weekend Like No Other

Saturday: I got to work early, but since the normal Saturday cook is on vacation, I had to work with the Big Boss Lady. I like her, but still, working with her means I actually have to be busy and working at work (I don't slack off at work very much, but sometimes I have some down time and I have to sample the previous night's cake... of course). Later, in the middle of trying to serve breakfast, I get paged to room 126, which I figured out on my way there is my Grandma's room. I get there and Grandma is on the floor surrounded by CNAs. They ask me what to do as I get on the scene. I'm like, "what do you want me to do, I'm a kitchen lackey, not a nurse or doctor." They left. I assessed Grandma's injuries after her fall, got her into her recliner, and called my Dad. He asked about the injuries and I said they were urgent but non-emergent. He came over to take her to the hospital. MEANWHILE, I'm still having to serve out breakfast to forty hungry residents! UUUGGGGHHH! Grandma's diagnosis and prognosis: Non-displaced fracture of both her radius and ulna right at the wrist. Soft cast/splint until the swelling goes down. Potential hard cast for six to ten weeks after that. She's not happy, but she'll survive. :)

Sunday: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! I pulled both deltoids yesterday somehow, and I'm hurtin' big time. Work itself wasn't too bad... we got a bit behind after lunch ended, but not awfully far. Quick drive home, now I'm starving. And I hurt.

BUT, on an upside down note (inside joke), I have had some awesome and hilarious conversations with a guy this weekend. I think we sort of set up something ambiguous for tonight, but I may have been dreaming that up. It has been a long weekend like no other.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Strongbad E-mail

You HAVE to check this cartoon out! I laughed soooooooooooooooo hard. Emily and I had to play it twice just to watch the whole thing and hear everything since we were laughing so much.

What, did the quadratic equation explode?
(*HINT* click on the title ^^ it's a link)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Too Much Chocolate

I wish I had a better picture to post, but it was just too much of a mess to fit into one frame. When I got home from my first final today, my printer/copier was on my desk, the top lid was on my stool, the paper was all over my room, and there was a PILE of chocolate over every inch of carpet. I sent text messages to both of my roommates inquiring if they'd pranked me, because the printer looked unharmed aside from being a few feet lower than normal. Emily replied, "accident, don't know what happened, loud noise."

After some reasoning, I've concluded that the shoebox full of chocolate on the top shelf became so heavy that it fell off the shelf and landed on the printer's paper holder, thus causing the printer to fall six feet to the floor. Emily put the printer right-side up on my desk for me. I put everything back and all is well; I printed off my last term paper tonight. :)

Lesson learned: yes, you really can have too much chocolate! But it looks SO COOL when it falls eight feet and scatters everywhere and I look like a gluttonous chocolate fiend... alrighty then!

This is Me

. <-- This is me. I exist. I am well-defined, carefully planned, and expertly crafted. I don't have many frills, but I'm definitely not boring.

. <-- This is me. I know who I am, what I am capable of under normal circumstances, and even some pretty extraordinary ones. I know what I want. I know how to get what I want, but sometimes my methods aren't always the most perfect.

. <-- This is me. I am honest to a fault. I don't play games, play hard to get, or play a fiddle. It's not my style to be coy or coquettish. Sure, flirting is fine, but I'm not out to win a short-term fling. People either like me for what I am, the things above and below this post, or they don't like me. I do not take offense, because if someone doesn't like me, they're missing out.

. <-- This is me. I'm everything you see listed in my profile section plus a million more things. I'm a goofball, a geek, a dancer, a blogger, a freak. I love root beer floats and watermelon, hashbrowns and the rain. I love running up big hills and singing bad renditions from The Sound of Music when I get up there. I am proud, I am small, I am human, and yes, I make mistakes. God help me, this is me.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Wait

It's that time now. Wait and see. No pushing, no forcing, no avoiding, just wait and see. Can't be forward, that would be too obvious. Can't play hard to get yet, haven't got him hooked. But I can't stop thinking about him. Not an all-consuming thing, but there, present, like candy behind a piece of glass. I'm afraid. I'm excited. I'm so tired of waiting!

I know my biggest weakness is my complete and utter lack of patience, and God sees fit to put me in the most agonizing situations... I work in a retirement facility - it doesn't get any more slow than that. But dating is more slow. And the tango between "acquantance" and "dating" kills me. Get it over with, move on to the good stuff, the real stuff (which isn't sex, mind you, I like the comfortable ruts of happiness and friendship) and leave the "oh no, what do I do next, should I wait? should I make a move?" behind.

*blogger has curled up into the fetal position, hands over ears, rocking to the loudness of silence*

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Value of Being Well-Rounded

My parents taught me that having one interest in life is fine, but it makes one quite boring. So I've always tried to have multiple interests, engage in varied activities, and seek unique experiences.

For example (and I've had to write papers on this already), I want to be a science teacher. I adore science, but science is not the end-all to my existence. Biology and Chemistry are awesome subjects, truly incredible and fun. But what good are hard sciences without real life experience? How important will a textbook be if one cannot read? I believe I would like to teach 4th or 5th grade so that I can teach all subjects, not just science. History and literature can be just as fun as science, and music is awesome as well. Art? Oh yeah baby, art rocks!

Yeah, I'm a musician... I've done the whole music thing for a while now... not that I'm any good mind you, I can play a few songs with a decent level of un-sucky-ness. But in addition to being able to play any woodwind and percussion instrument, I'm not half-bad in the woods. Give me a GPS, a good pair of hiking shoes, and a few dozen oatmeal M&M cookies and I'm a happy kid.

Cooking, cleaning, reading, writing, solving problems, thinking creatively, being fun and goofy, being serious and stubborn... I believe in the value of being a well-rounded person.

Okay, I'm not a round person, I'm kind of oblong and stick-like, but you get the idea... ;)

Monday, March 13, 2006

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Athena at the Ball

Last night was the last formal ballroom dance of the term, themed "Superheroes and Supervillians." I went dressed as the Greek Goddess Athena (Goddess of war and wisdom).

The costume: Stola and Palla. Stola: four yards of emerald satin, folded in half and trimmed to fit me shoulders to ankles. 40" wide, laced the second and third feet down each side from the top with gold cord. I gathered the stola into an empire waist with more gold cord that knotted and hung down my front about two feet. The palla was made of another four yards of gold tuile, draped around and over me so that I looked sort of like a statue. I wore my black dancing shoes and plenty of gold jewelry to complete the costume. Not bad for a small fortune in fabric...

The ball: Arrived early to catch the end of the west coast swing lesson (not a huge fan of WCS yet, but maybe I will like it one day). Spied several other superheroes/villians, but no other goddesses... guess I ruled over all of my people last night! I danced with James Bond, one of the Men in Black, and a scientist-looking dude who schooled me in Hustle moves. I enjoyed several dances with Zorro (best costume there, besides mine, of course). Best dance: either swinging with Doug and doing the whole thing with one hand, no basic steps; or swinging to Sing, Sing, Sing (favorite!) with Zorro. I am really starting to love nightclub two-step and cha cha... gotta love the hips!

After the ball: Zorro walked me to my car (after we failed to find a nearby Geocache, will check up on that later), and we stood in the parking lot for almost half an hour talking. Seems like a sweet guy, but I can't get my hopes up yet. Will try to get to know his non-Zorro side soon. The other part was that, because I got home so late and had to get up so early, I went to work today on about three hours of sleep. Had to tell every old lady about my wonderful night dancing. They were great listeners, asking questions and having me demonstrate my new moves. Hehe, I think I was dancing while I was doing the dishes!

The good news: I had a GREAT time!
The odd news: apparently you can Google me and my blog comes up.
The bad news: I need sleep... soon... zzzzzzz

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Recipe for the Perfect Man

I'm going to do my best to create a list of traits I would like my Perfect Man to have, and then I will try to keep it updated. I didn't think I'd have to add this, but the "perfect man" for me, for my lifestyle has to be straight. Nothing against homosexuality at all... my husband must like women... it just works better for us that way.

Perfect Man v.1.4
Required qualities:
Respect for himself and others at all times
Responsible and willing to accept responsibility
Honesty - liars and cheats need not apply
Loyalty - to himself, to his relationships, to his family, and to his passions

Preferred qualities:
A man that knows when to be juvenile and when to grow up
A great sense of humor, wit, and charm (no potty or racial jokes either)
A sense of natural curiosity and willingness to learn about the world around him
Time for me - I'm not high maintenance, but I do require time to have a good relationship
He must love the valley and the rain - because this is my home and I love it here
Adventure - he must be willing to go out Geocaching with me, hiking and exploring
I would prefer that he comes from a nuclear family, but this is not absolute
No smoking, little drinking - I will not be with a drunk
Physically fit - health is important, and I like nice abs, arms, and legs
Not a slob - pick up your own damn messes, I am not your slave
The ability to dance, or the willingness to learn to dance
No temper or a very long fuse. I don't like tempers that flare quickly.
A handyman, or at least somebody that knows more about home repair than I do
Tech-savvy, artistic, and musical - bonus points for any of these three!

UPDATE: On October 17, 2009, I married the Perfect Man (for me). He fit every one of these qualities, or at least tries to fill the too-large shoes for which I created a recipe. A girl can't ask for more. :)

Guilty Purchase

With my life going absolutely crazy lately (and the addition of a tiny bit of spare change each month working two jobs), I made a couple not-so-guilty purchases this month. Now I'm not the kind of person to enjoy shopping or spending my extra bits of money... but every once in a while, it feels really nice to go buy myself something of no significance. Shoes are nice, chocolate is great... but those things eventually go away. I love books - I own tons of books - I never have a problem spending money on books. And books don't just go away like chocolate... but that is not my guilty pleasure. I bought a collection of piano music. Didn't throw my money away on alcohol, new jeans, or jewelry... ha, I bought sheet music that will never disappear or go bad. I'm enriching my life as well as those that listen to me play... so my guilty pleasure 1) isn't guilty, and 2) causes me to work and think. I like new music. I'm happy. La la la, new music. *new piano music dance*

A Deer in Headlights

I had the most awesome experience last Friday, and I'm sorry I didn't get this posted sooner, but I've been ultra-busy. I'll do my best to summarize this up, but I am still on a teaching high even after a full week.

Imagine yourself on a wet, windy morning. You just woke up and can't decide if the headache you have is a hangover or simple dehydration; regardless, it feels like your head is going to burst with one more thought. You drive the short distance to school, wade through the throng of blossoming teenagers horrendously picking on one another, and climb the stairs to the distant and quiet classroom where you are to begin your teaching observations for the next two periods. That's about when the good part ends. You show up to the classroom, but the room is locked. You wait outside, knocking occasionally in the hope that either A) the figment of your imagination inside the room will magically unlock the door for you, or B) a teacher from down the hallway will hear the incessant knocking and come out to let you in the room. Right, Option B. So you get in the room and the teacher is not there. Your supervising teacher is not in her classroom. And class starts in 10 minutes. 8 minutes. 2 minutes. Panic. Okay, well, what to do? Maybe she'll show up. Maybe there is a substitute. Yes, that must be it. The class will be taught by a substitute and the sub is just down in the office. First bell rings. Students pour into the classroom. Thirty of them, loud and ready to kill me. What to do? A) Panic. B) Run away screaming. C) Teach.

I could have done option B, I really wanted to do option B. But a little part of me went, "Oh, hey, stupid deer in headlights, you know how to handle this, now teach! I did. The kids came in, I got them started on their journal topics, took attendance, sent a kid down to the office with the attendance, we discussed the journal topics and began working on the day's worksheet after some quick Q&A. No problem, not one problem. About ten minutes into the period, the vice principal comes into the room and inquires as to the whereabouts of the teacher. I replied that I was a student teacher from OSU and was only going to be present through the end of 2nd period. She left. I taught the entire class by myself! Awesome, amazing, thrilling experience. 2nd period was equally incredible. I left, and I'm not sure who taught the rest of the classes, but I was on such a teaching high for the next week... holy cow. I LOVE TEACHING! And I don't suck at it like I thought I would. Granted, this wasn't my classroom, and the kids were very receptive and well-behaved. But I was TEACHING! They were asking questions, inquiring about science... wow. Just... wow.


Update: The graduate school lady said that, even if I raise my GPA to whatever it is they want and gain teaching experience, I would probably not be accepted to the grad program at OSU. She suggested I look elsewhere for my education.

Plan B: Obtain teaching credentials and begin teaching ASAP post graduation.

To those that believed in me along the way, thank you so much. Your support has kept me going and held me fast to my course. I can only hope to make you proud of me as a graduate and future teacher.

To those who do not believe I am capable of teaching or finishing my master's degree right now, I am sorry. You are missing out on one awesome kid, a great investment, and someone worthy of further development. I am truly sorry for your loss.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

If you have any poo, fling it now

In the long week since I last posted, not much has happened. I still don't have a Plan B, but I have an appointment to meet with the former SED advisor to see what my true options are (not the ones I've invented in my head, however outlandish and totally awesome they may be). I will let you know what happens next week.

I have a technology rant: who says IM isn't a valid form of communication? I think it might actually be a great tool. Think about it, IM is like a telephone conversation where you can really think about what you are saying before you say it. And emoticons help express words without context. WTF?! has a lot more impact sometimes than simply going, "what?" Sure, facial expressions and physical contact are awesome - not arguing that. But in the absence of physical contact or in instances where the distance is too great or the boy is just being completely stupid and "too busy," IM might be the best way to talk. Some of my best conversations have been online over IM - nothing like tandem surfing Victoria's Secret at 4am with a guy. ;)

This term can not end soon enough - I'm SO tired of evolution and evolutionary genetics... but I'm loving my dance class despite a blah instructor and some odd boys in the class. Next term I am taking FOUR dance classes: Ballroom II, Salsa I, Ballroom Club, and Lindy Hop - I'm SO EXCITED! Plus I'm only taking three academic classes and no more student teaching (bad/good). ONE LAST TERM!

Yeah, if you have any poo, fling it now, because I'm a pretty good catcher at this point. Just remember, the more poo you fling at me, the more poo I have to fling back.