Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Beautiful Girls!

Pink lips, flowing brown hair, dark eyes... a couple of beautiful girls indeed! These are two of my most favorite pictures of my sister and me when we were very young. My sister (in pink) had curly hair, amazingly curly and bouncy and unmanageably wild. Now, her hair is short and artificially straightened and colored. My little sister just turned twenty, a very much matured woman from the innocent and sweet girl in the picture. But when I get her alone, just the two of us being sisters, being goofy and silly, that little girl still exists. The face is not as round, and the baby fat left long ago... the eyes are the same. She is my partner in crime, my confidant, the only person I can really be ALL of me with, and a whole ton more. Not to mention being adorable then and now...

As for a little secret: the pink doll you see in the background... that doll was more loved than any doll ever should be. My sister wore that doll out!

The second picture is of yours truly. I don't know how old I was, maybe two or three. I was always Daddy's girl. Perhaps I put them on and Mom or Dad tied them; somehow I ended up with Dad's work boots on my feet. The pose you see is one of my 'classic' "uppy!" poses. I bet the boots, with their steel toes, were too heavy for me to move (seeing that they're well above my knees). My hair keeps getting darker as the years go, and I quite like that. I certainly don't miss that house with the hideous wallpaper, though--icky.

We used to be so cute! :)


Uninformed Decision-Making said...

I would argue you are cute, always have been...but I digress.

Anonymous said...

i AM adorable... aren't i :)