Friday, January 26, 2007

"Come As You Aren't" --so I did

I'm live on location tonight from my boyfriend's bedroom. We have just finished three hours of dancing, and I must admit that I'm so terribly out of shape that I get tired after one or two dances. The good news is that our costumes went over FANTASTICALLY! We went as Sims from the computer game, The Sims. As people noticed us, we either got, "Dude, that is the best costume ev-arh!" or "Um, what are those green things on their heads?" Most people got it, which made me happy. As soon as pictures are posted, I will link over or post them here for you. The dance theme was "Come as you aren't," so we are NOT computer game characters. Get it?

The work week came to a close, finally. I'm not used to these five-day weeks after the holiday season and bad weather. Oh, wait, I took yesterday off... whoops, guess it was still only a four-day week. The Powers That Be have given me a new task, and it just boggles my mind how difficult the process can be to do a simple thing. I'd try explaining what I'm doing, but I don't understand it, so i can't/won't/don't-really-feel-like-it.

Not sure why this is so significant, but I will mention that I got my hair cut. Seven inches gone! So yesterday I was really hyper and was bouncing off the walls while I was trying to make the green thingies (that's what they're called) for our hat/costumes. And then I was IMing and chatting and talking on the phone and didn't get to sleep until very late.

Work all day, lunch out, dinner out (good dinner with Emily, yay!), lots of laughing and dancing. It feels so good to be me -- and I like being able to say that. :)

Can I go to sleep now?

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