Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Freestyle Slush Stompin'

My cold weather story can't be that much different than many others out there... but I did manage to slide about 200 yards on some black ice this morning. That was kinda cool (read: scary). I got to work on time and worked through lunch to leave at 2pm. I grabbed a quick lunch with Chris before driving home this afternoon.

I had baked-potato pizza for lunch. I never would have tried it, but the new little pizzeria on Monroe was very nice looking, clean, and had great prices. Nothing to lose... and it just sounded good. A little greasy... cheese will do that... but it was tasty pizza! So when Chris and I got up to leave the restaurant, we were talking to the owner about his odd pizza creation. He commented, "so you guys grow potatoes around here?"
Um... I looked to Chris, he looked at me, and it was all over. Chris prompted me with, "yeah, do we grow potatoes here?"
"Yes, Oregon certifies about twenty varieties of potatoes, and there are currently about five hundred known varieties of potatoes" was my nerdy reply. The owner seemed a bit awed by that statement, so I had to quickly explain what I do at work (organizing binders of potato varieties).

The conversation would never have happened if it weren't for my boyfriend. Punk. I think he enjoyed putting me on the spot like that.

But, walking back to my car, we found some neat piles of slush to go freestyle slush stomping on. I think they ought to make that part of the X-games. :P

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