Sunday, January 07, 2007

I know how to count to four... thank you very much.

This weekend has been pretty crazy for me, seeing that most weekends are either at home or nearly as boring. I drove up to Hillsboro to spend some quality time with Emily on Saturday. The drive up was neat: I took Highway 219 from just north of Keizer, a long and winding back-road with some beautiful farmland and orchards. I map north Marion County as part of my job, and after seeing aerial photographs and road maps of the area for months, I decided it was time to actually see the land myself. Even though it was starting to get dark and the clouds were blocking my view, I think the area is just amazing! I'm also really proud of myself for going off the beaten path and experiencing something on my own. :)

And then I kinda got lost. Just a little... not bad like last time I went to Emily's. I turned about a mile too early and got onto a road so that I didn't know how to get to where I wanted to be... and Emily called to see where I was, set me on the right road (which was straight ahead, two blocks more). Yay for not getting totally lost this time!

We went to dinner, then dancing in downtown Portland. The music was okay, and the crowd seemed nice enough. I was very impressed with the level of ballroom dancing, although this group didn't quite understand Savoy-style Lindy Hop or West Coast Swing at all. Fairly uneventful, some sweet dances with some cool guys (though I must say that my favorite partners were from OSU).

Except the first dance of the night. I love the Tango, and I don't totally suck at it when I have a good lead who stays on beat. I just don't know many steps, and I don't know any Argentine Tango (which is pretty much a whole different dance). A very nice looking man came over and asked me to Tango. I agreed, insisting that I was not very good. He told me he'd teach me while we danced. Sweet! Nothing like free lessons! We step into form, and he begins dancing. I followed really well for about ten steps, and then he did some heel kicks or something... so when I stumbled a little trying to follow his curious footwork, he grabbed me tighter and started counting to four. But he wasn't in time with the music. AT ALL. Not slower or faster or anything, just... off.

I realize he doesn't know this, and some of you might not either, but I've been a musician since I was three years old. I can play a piano (I'm not great by any means, but I've spent some time in front of one), and I was a drum major in high school, so I understand rhythm. Please believe me when I say this: I know how to count to four!

When he was counting aloud to/for me, I really wanted to start naming off random numbers. Does that make me a bad person? :P

So he pushed me around the floor, counting (loudly), and hugging me tighter to himself. Tango is a very close dance, and if you know your partner really well, it can be downright intimate. This guy took me places I did not need to know about him. At least he didn't try to grope me or anything... I'm sure the song was very short, as most Tangos are, but it seemed like I was out there for a year.

Not all was lost that night, however! A friend and I made sure the crowd understood what WCS can be -- maybe we turned some heads, maybe we didn't... we had fun!

Great night with Emily, and that's all that matters.

"one, two, three, four..."

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