Thursday, January 25, 2007

Making Me a Sim, Praxis Hell Part Deux

There is a dance tomorrow night, and my boyfriend and I are going as Sims from the computer game, The Sims. I had today off from work, so I spent several hours making the floating green diamond thingies that float over a Sim's head. I made them out of green cellophane, 20-gauge wire, some ribbon, and tape. Don't ask about the pattern, it's too hard to explain. The dance's theme is "Come As You Aren't," and we're not computer game characters, so we're going as them. :) And if anybody else comes as a Sim, I'm going to knock their floating green diamond thingy into the next screen.

I've skipped a few dances over the last two weeks, partly because I was a bit danced out, and partly because I'm just too lazy to hang out for three hours after work waiting for the dances to start. I guess I haven't been having fun unless I'm with Chris or the few guys I normally dance with. Chris decided to come with me last night, and we spent an hour beforehand teaching each other some steps: he taught me a few Lindy Hop moves and I walked him through both natural and reverse Viennese Waltz. Even if he wasn't my boyfriend, I must still acknowledge his talent and lightness. I'm horribly jealous in a totally awesome way. :)

I took the Praxis II General Science Content Knowledge Essays in November, and received my score notification in December. The score numbers were reported, but the report did not indicate whether or not I'd actually passed the test. I called OSU, ETS (the testing people), and the Oregon Department of Education. Between four calls and over forty minutes on hold, I learned that the test I retook was not required by the State of Oregon for teacher licensure. I want my $300 back! So, at this time, I have completed all of the required tests. The only thing left to become a teacher is an approved teacher education program, either a Master's program or a BS in Education and a Master's in something else within ten years. At this time, I'm very content to continue in my current job and worry about teaching later.

Stuff to do... people to talk to... my life has become full of "real life" again, and it's keeping me from the blog. For some reason, I'm okay with that. :)


The Guy Who Writes This said...

Jaggy, you are doing just fine. I'm proud of you. Enjoy the good times and don't worry about us readers. We will happily accept any crumbs you throw our way.

Mom of Three said...

GREAT costume idea. Who else would possibly think of that? Bet you get at least one nun there, though.

I don't write as much as I would like, either, but when I don't have babies that fit in my lap, I'll write more then, and be a little sad, I think.