Thursday, January 11, 2007

OSU MU Quad - Photo and Story

In an effort to not die this morning getting to work, I took the day off. I have been completely unproductive, aside for these two pictures. My sister called me on a break and said she was in the MU Quad at OSU. I clicked over really fast to the OSU Webcam and snapped this shot of her standing in the middle of the quad talking to me. She's inside the orange circle in my slightly edited picture. Also, notice the giant snowman, new varieties of trees, a few odd-looking students, and an overabundance of snow. Not that you could miss them... I included the original picture below so that you are able to see what the world looks like before I get bored. ;) If you'd like me to edit a photo for you, send it to me at my e-mail address on the left. No promises... I'm not that good with crayons.

I did go out and get a few good pictures of some snowy things this morning, and I haven't gone back to bed yet, although it's after 2pm and I can't exactly say that I'm wearing street clothes. OSU shut off heat to my building at work, so it's not likely that I'll want to go to work in the morning (but money is money, so I must). Dancing was not as good as I'd hope last night. I'm very bad (or too good) at anticipating and couldn't settle into the dances like a good follow.

Does this picture mean I get credit for this Geocache?


James (CMiYC) said...

With your excellent Photoshopping skills, I can't see how your picture wouldn't count for a cache... You could always draw it in later!

Jaggy said...

Well, the idea of the cache is to be seen standing in the quad with your GPS held over your head. I'm just too lazy to actually go do it myself. It's a virtual cache. So I can't exactly draw it in later.

Photoshop, no way! I'm all about Fireworks. :)