Monday, January 29, 2007

The red wire goes where?

Today was not a good day. I woke up tired and had a very long day doing the same thing all day long. My boyfriend is sick. He thought it was food poisoning on Sunday, but now he thinks he has Norovirus. Seeing that I danced with him Friday night into Saturday morning and spent all day Saturday and a few hours Sunday with him, the odds of me contracting whatever he has are just about as likely as me eating chocolate tonight. It will happen. I just hope it's not yucky sick.

Chris came over last night to meet my parents. We have been dating a short two weeks, but my family is the most important thing in my life, and he'd meet them eventually anyway. I spent all afternoon in the kitchen making homemade chicken noodle soup, cornbread, and chocolate chunk/shaving/other-odd-sized-piece cookies. Dinner was a big success (thank God!), and my parents like him very much.

The chocolate used for the cookies came from a HUGE bar one of my ex-boyfriends gave me last week. I haven't talked to the guy in months, but he sent a chocolate bar -- something on the order of three pounds -- along with a friend for me. Getting uniform chocolate pieces off the bar was impossible, so my cookies had oddly-sized bits in them, but they taste good, so I'm happy.

Oh, and tonight, when I left work to go get my sick boyfriend some dinner, my car wouldn't start. I spent some time in my car this morning after I parked listening to music and forgot to turn my lights off (interrupted my normal routine shutting things off). Dead battery. Shit. I called my dad -- because that's the appropriate response when something on my car goes wonky. I can usually fix things on my car, but I include him and Mom because they do own the car. Dad said he'd drive to Corvallis to bail me out, but I told him I'd call a friend or something so that he wouldn't have to drive (plus it'd be faster). I called Chris to tell him his dinner would not be on the way, and he gave up his nice, warm bed to come to my rescue. He got some cookies for his effort, but seeing that he is still sick, I hope to be able to make it up to him tomorrow with dinner. I made it home without a problem.

Why is it, whenever I want to do something nice for someone, something happens so that I am not able to do that nice thing? And what is an appropriate gift for someone coming to my rescue?

Except I'm in a bad mood, tired, and need my chocolate.

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