Monday, January 22, 2007

Strategic Positioning

In my last term of college, I took a Lindy Hop class. We always stood in a giant circle around the instructor, alternating leads and follows (men and women). I would generally elect to position myself such that, as we rotated through partners, I would not have to dance with one particularly creepy lead. Recently, though, I found this caused a bit of frustration for another male in the class as he tried to position himself so that he would be forced to dance with me. I didn't really think much of it at the time--though I do remember enjoying dances with him and having a bit of a crush on him. On the last day of the Lindy Hop class, we had to choose a partner with which to demonstrate a few moves for the instructor. I just *happened* to be standing next to the guy at the time, so we did our thing and both got 100% in the class.

You know what? Now I'm dating that guy.

I could make some reference to kharma or destiny or supernatural forces or whatever... but I like the story. I mean... that's just cool. :)

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