Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Good Weekend, Overall

The weekend draws to a close. I've been moderately productive:
-Washed my car
-Four loads of laundry, which is most of the clothes I own, and Mom totally helped here by doing the last three loads for me, and folded everything (I'm so spoiled and very thankful)
-Transferred all of my music and picture files from Old PC to New PC
-Chatted with a few friends via IM and the phone, much-needed conversations
-Bought and watched The Princess Bride: Dread Pirate Edition
-Cleaned my room, reorganized some stuff, moved some stuff, and made room for more stuff (I think I'm channeling George Carlin on that one)
-Ate chocolate (so stressful, I know...)
-Planned a cool hike that never happened due to rain

Grandpa went into the hospital a week ago today, and I thought (on Tuesday) he'd been released. In fact, he was not released and remained at the hospital through Saturday due to several reasons I won't discuss. On Thursday, things were definitely not looking good. Friday saw some improvement, and the doctor let him go to a nursing/rehab facility yesterday. Mom was not impressed with the facility today. I hope he won't be there long. The week has been very long due to this and much more, and I'm glad the weekend has brought much better news.

I have cabin fever.
Work sounds like the best thing ever right now, and that thought is a whole lot of weirdness.
Time to start the week...

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