Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm Becoming my own Enemy

I've always disliked women who gripe and nag at their significant others. That chirpy, whiny, obnoxious voice... the one that says so little with so much effort.

For example, when a female complains, "You're not going put that there, are you?" she's really trying to say, "I would prefer that you put that someplace else, perhaps on the third shelf so that I don't accidentally knock it off. Thank you."

But, alas, I found myself saying such a horrible thing recently. I said it, realized what I'd said, and immediately wanted to wash my mouth out with soap. Seriously! I whined, nagged, and bitched about something trivial.

It is my right and privilege as a female and girlfriend to gripe. It is also my responsibility to use such powers with great care.

Unless I am in physical or emotional danger, the event causes me monetary loss, or otherwise causes undue grief to myself or others, I vow to not become the Enemy.

I will not be a whiny, nagging, harping, griping, clingy, needy, bitchy girlfriend.

... okay, maybe just a tiny bit, but I reserve this tiny bit in lieu of emotional outbursts and ending arguments in "FINE!"


Snowelf said...

Omg, I TOTALLY agree! That is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. What is the deal with significant others NOT treating each other with the same decency they would treat a stranger with. Bravo on your rant. You are not alone.

Nice to meet you Jaggy. You have a very cool blog.


Jaggy said...

WOW! Hi. :)
Welcome, thank you, and I hope you stick around to read more if you like it.

*blush* thanks. :)