Sunday, February 25, 2007

"In the Key of Drunk"

I had a good weekend spent almost entirely with my boyfriend. I had originally planned to stay with him Saturday night, but he convinced me to stay both Friday and Saturday. After work Friday, I made him dinner, my not-exactly-famous-but-still-amazing hashbrowns and sausage. I think my work was appreciated, as we both were stuffed and enjoyed the food. Saturday morning dawned early with a quick trip out for muffins before heading to Albany around noon so I could attend my cousin's bridal shower. Due to my caffeine addiction and a lack of caffeine Saturday morning, by 2pm I was in some pretty serious headache pain. Chris picked me up after the shower, and I slept the whole drive to Oregon City. He had plans to attend a party with some of his friends at one of their parents' houses.

The problem: I didn't know we were going to stay the night up there. And I do NOT like surprises.

Even though I was rather upset to find out last-minute about the change in plans, I agreed to go along with him and trust his judgment. That kind of trust comes very hard for me, so I'm proud of me. :)

The house we stayed at was grand! I've been in some huge houses, and I've cleaned a couple big ones... this one was newer and very, very large. Chris and I shared the guest suite (some of the best accommodations I've ever had by two incredibly generous hosts).

Chris and his friends and I went out to dinner, a little dive off a country road, dimly lit and kinda smoky inside. I went out on a limb and ordered a special, the lemon-pepper chicken with mashed potatoes. That was damn good chicken, and with a salad and huge dinner roll, quite a deal at just over $10. Kinda sketchy from the outside... looks are totally deceiving.

The party got started when we returned to the mansion house. The guys hooked up a few Game Cubes and brought out the alcohol. Three hours later, they'd consumed enough to be singing "in the key of drunk," shouting at each other and the TV as they raced around the screen in a MarioKart battle-of-the-accelerator-buttons. I played a few times; yes, I still suck at video games. I did have one drink, a hard lemonade, but mostly just because I was thirsty and didn't want to drink anything else. Due to my headache earlier in the day, I was very tired by 10pm, so I showered and went to bed well before anyone else. The party carried on, loud and rowdy, for several hours.

This morning, Chris and I awoke to a breakfast buffet prepared for us and the other house guests. I'm very thankful for the hospitality and generosity of these parents. :)

We left around 10am and made a quick and slightly adventurous drive over to a very special place. Chris and I found the very first Geocache ever. The original 'cache was removed, but an honorary plaque and replacement cache have been placed. We also grabbed the nearby 'cache up the muddy hill. We looked for quite a while before giving up. In an effort to not go down the same way we came up ('sliding' would be an understatement), we walked a little bit more before I spotted a very out-of-place piece of burl-wood. :) bingo. Hooray for two very special finds.

Before I end this rambling bit of script, I'd like to mention one amazing thing I learned about my boyfriend this weekend. I'm dating a guy with patience and kindness beyond my imagination. To experience Chris outside our usual pattern was a treat. I feel very fortunate to have learned such a neat and valuable thing about him.

Remember how looks can be deceiving? That's a good lesson to learn. :)


Chris said...

I'd like to point out that while not giving proper notification. I did Tell Ms Jaggy on Friday that we were spending the night, not at the last minute on Saturday as the post suggests.

Jaggy said...

That is correct. Chris did notify me about the trip to Portland on Friday afternoon. AFTER I'd already packed and left home.

My apologies for the misrepresentation of reality.