Tuesday, February 27, 2007

In Which Big Sister Comes to the Rescue

I had a long day stuffing thousands of envelopes. Not exciting, but just about perfect for my mood and completely un-alert state.

5:00pm couldn't come fast enough today. I took the last few minutes of the day to wash off my desk and actually clean up some grass seed that wasn't too far from sprouting behind the computer monitor (the desk was that way when I got it). So I hoofed it out to my car as fast as I could after work, only to have my sister call me to say her tire was flat.


Mom and Dad, being twenty miles away, wouldn't help, and my sister had never changed a tire before. I drove the two or three blocks to her car where she and our cousin and another girl are sitting inside the car to stay out of the rain.

You can't fix a flat tire while sitting in the car.

I had her pull the spare out of the trunk, got the equipment out, and immediately got soaked in a downpour. Meanwhile, our cousin and her friend are standing there under an umbrella talking on their cell phones. My sister kept calling Dad, but Dad's superpowers weren't going to help. I reached an impass when I couldn't get the jack out of her trunk. Not sure what was wrong there, but I grabbed mine from my car (a jack's a jack, right?), took a moment to get it situated, and started cranking. The girls all thought I was nuts.

I didn't win any pit-stop contests with my half-hour time, but by golly I changed that tire all by myself. Whitney did help with the jack... and by help, I mean she turned it the wrong way a few times before figuring it out... but she did help.

I remember how I felt with my dead battery a few weeks ago, having to call Chris to bail me out, being so thankful he was willing and able, especially since he was sick. So I'm glad I could pass that on to my sister.

Even though she should know how to do that herself next time.

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Anonymous said...

yea. thanks sis!

but might i say... i would have helped more, i just couldn't get MY jack out of my trunk. i swear there is some sort of trick to those things!