Tuesday, February 13, 2007

TV and Blogging *at the same time*

My new computer arrived today.

The first thing I downloaded was Firefox, followed quickly by Trillian.

I am learning to use Vista, and some things are different, but the GUI is nice.

I am also watching TV while I blog. On the same monitor, at the same time.

I'd really like to post something dramatic and awe-inspiring, but I'm tired and don't know the right words to mark this moment.

My monitor is so big, I have to turn my head to look at both sides of it.

Oh, and before I forget:
Chris asked me to be his Valentine about a week ago, and I agreed. Part of me needed to ask him, though, so tonight (when he called to brag that he was going to Lindy Hop in San Francisco, the lucky guy!), I asked him to be mine. Apparently my asking him negated his asking me, so he had to do it all over again. *Sigh* I have a Valentine this year! Which is kinda silly since I don't especially like the holiday, and I won't even get to see my boyfriend the whole day, and I'll be at work instead of here on the new compy.

I'm going to go load a game now that I've been waiting six months to play. You might not hear from me for several days if it's a good game...

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