Saturday, February 17, 2007

Vista Fixed, Memory Gone

I can't believe I haven't posted since Wednesday. The world has kept me away from computers, even my new one. Vista has been a headache and a half, but I'm learning a lot as I go. Within one day, I'd somehow caused my screen saver to be disabled. After some thought and reading online, it appears that my Microsoft-brand digital wireless mouse and keyboard were preventing my computer's screen saver and power-save mode from starting. I had to download a patch to fix that bug. Then, I couldn't get Aero to work correctly. I'd change my them to Aero, and it would default itself back to Basic. Problem: Trillian (my IM program) is QuickTime based, and the graphics part of QuickTime interfered with Aero. I have since corrected this little issue. Both Aero and my screen saver are working correctly. Except now the screen saver comes on when I'm watching something on TV on my computer. I hope to have that issue resolved before the end of the night.

My game will not play. Ubisoft games are not supported by Vista. I am sorely disappointed, but hopeful that either or both companies will solve this problem soon.

Work continues, and I'm still learning something every day. I was even able to help two people this week without having to transfer them to someone else.

And Chris is back from Nevada/California! He took me down to meet his parents last night. I was pretty nervous, but things went well. I am comfortable with Chris, more so than with any guy before. We are often on the same wavelength, and that's pretty darn weird. The fun part is that, even though we're both satisfied with the relationship (I hope), we're both out to impress the other one just a little. He has definitely pushed me to try new things, encourages me to step out of my shell, and tests my boundaries as often as possible (like asking me to try "new" foods). I feel like I could use the gentle push, although I also resist knowing that I'm comfortable with me. I don't think I've trusted someone that much in a long time--and that's a little bit scary.

More to come, but I have to go rescue my forgotten pillow. I've lost me mind... and me pillow!

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