Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Vista is giving me a headache

It all started with a trip to Radio Shack.

I have two computers now, an old one and a new one. I'd really like all of my personal files to be on the new computer. After careful research, some price shopping, and a bit of deliberating, I decided to get a USB transfer cable. I went to Bi-Mart: no luck there. In avoidance of all things Wal-Mart, I decided to go to Radio Shack. Two feet inside the store and I was accosted by a fat man in a tiny polo shirt. He asked if he could help, and I told him I needed a USB transfer cable. Instead of pointing me in their direction, he walked me over to the aisle and pointed out an A/A USB cable. I told him I did not want one of those, I wanted what I'd said before. He looked puzzled, stepped back, and glanced one rack lower. He pulled up a crossover ethernet cable. *look, dumbass, I know what I want!* I politely told him, again, that I was looking for a USB transfer cable. He said that they didn't carry those. Um... "Right, you don't carry these," I commented as I found the row of the cables I wanted. I'd really appreciate it if people would just let me look for what I want and then ask me if I need help. ARRRGH! I didn't want to spend as much as I did, but at least I found the cable and should have personal files backed up and transferred this weekend.

One of the reasons I got a totally kick-ass video card is to run games. I'm not huge into gaming, but I do have some graphics-intense games, and I really want to run them. I have Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 from a friend. I was unable to run it on my XP system due to an incompatible video card. But the Ubisoft game is not supported by Vista. *Wonderful.*

But, then again, I recorded Mythbusters while I blogged tonight, all on my computer. AND I figured out how to prevent my computer from going into sleep mode and disconnecting my IM programs.

Oh, and I've already seen the dreaded Blue Screen of Death tonight, too.

And that stupid IE7 hijacked my computer and wouldn't let me run Firefox as my default web browser. I despise IE, and Firefox has been wonderful, so switching back would have killed me. I'd probably pack this thing up and sent it away if Firefox wasn't my default. After an hour of searching, I figured out how to fix my problem. YAY! At least one thing on this compy is working the way I want.

Change is never easy.

But I have to say... change never looked so good...

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