Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Where's the Love?

Only one person treated me like an adult today. One person respected me enough to ask questions about life and love. That one person was the only person to ask me how I was doing and actually care about the answer.

I really like my coworkers, and I enjoy my job. Being the youngest (by thirty years in some cases), I'm very much "The Kid." This has it's benefits... but I'd really like to be able to relate to my coworkers on a higher level.

My parents have a difficult time treating me like anything but their child. I realize I am their child, but I am also an adult. They mean well. I know they love me. I just wish it weren't so hard for them to understand I'm more capable and mature than they give me credit.

One person. Just one. I probably talked to fifty people today. I laughed, I ranted, I wondered and mused. I shared stories. I had a great lunch and dinner with someone special.

And still, Grandma was the only person to make me feel valuable today.

I realize self-worth should come from within.
But sometimes it feels good to hear it from someone else.


The Guy Who Writes This said...

Jaggy,working in an intergenerational office is hard to do sometimes. It's a respect issue. Unfortunately respect doesn't automatically come when you are any certain age, it is earned. Don't give up. Wow them and you will begin earning respect.

Remember, you have something the others don't, youth.

Jaggy said...

Thanks, Mr. Guy. :)

whit-o-roni said...

Yea... I love Grandma. (notice i capitalized the *g* - that's cause Grandma is *the* grandma... kind of like "the Man," but instead it's "the Grandma.")


But seriously, i agree with your rant... i know the feeling.

Jaggy said...

Sis: The only time "Grandma" is not capitalized is when using it as a noun instead of a name or reference. "My grandmother bakes cookies." vs. "Next time you see Grandma, tell her to eat some mushy carrots."

But you're right. Grandma is too cool to not be capitalized. She's loud enough anyway to deserve full caps lock. ;)