Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dialing internationally, please hold.

This has been a week for reconnecting. My aunt and uncle are back in Oregon after wintering in Arizona. I'm very glad they're back, seeing that this aunt has always been a part of my sister's life and my own. We had a fun visit with them in Albany on Thursday night.

I made a quick trip up to Woodburn today with a friend. We went up looking for some soccer and running shoes for him, and he came home with four Guinness pint glasses. I didn't buy anything, though I was looking for another Pop-Tart container to give to a friend (we both love the things, and the containers are pretty sweet: in the shape of of a Pop-Tart, made to protect said Pop-Tarts).

This weekend, one of the kids who came on exchange from Germany while I was in high school is back in town. I had a bit of a crush on him then, and we did hit things off pretty well for 11th graders (no dating though). We're going to meet tomorrow for a late lunch and hopefully lots of good conversation.

I hit a few snags trying to reach him on his cell phone because it's a German cell phone provider. Determination won out, however, and I learned a few things.

How to dial an international cell phone call:
1. enter the correct phone number into your cell phone and press "dial"
2. call cannot be completed as entered
3. reach for land-line phone, redial correct number
4. call cannot be completed as entered
5. get frustrated
6. read phone company's manual again about international calling
7. repeat steps 1 through 5
8. call cell phone company to speak to customer service representative (who has a southern accent so thick it's difficult to understand anything other than "thahnk yeew fer cawlin'...")
9. hold for five minutes
10. give name, phone number, and verify that you can have access to the account
11. asked for contract owner's (not yours) SSN to verify further, say that you don't have the digits
12. deal with CSR who cannot do anything without SSN
13. walk around house with CSR on hold (oh that's a good feeling!) attempting to get SSN from contract owner
14. verify further, hold for five minutes
15. transfer to international dialing department
16. give name, phone number, and verify that you can have access to the account
17. learn that your phone doesn't have international dialing
18. add international dialing to plan
19. hold again, please
20. finally get resolution from cell phone company
21. turn off and restart phone
22. dial correct number
23. finally talk to friend for the first time in seven years :)

Friday, March 30, 2007

Hilarious Prank!

Holy shit, this is one of the funniest posts I have ever read, and I've read a lot of posts. Trust me, you absolutely MUST read it.

Boobs, Injuries, and Dr. Pepper: "Filed Under: Parents 1, Teenage Smart-Ass 0"

Oh, the ideas I'm coming up with now... (that's not punny, I swear)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

100 More Things About Me

In honor of reaching 10,000 hits since the creation of my blog, I'm creating a new "100 things" list. The challenge will be coming up with 100 more things without duplicating any from the first list. Hooray for 10,000!
  1. I'm not afraid of asking the hard questions.
  2. I will answer any question about me truthfully--nothing to hide.
  3. I never skipped school (until college).
  4. I never received detention or suspension.
  5. My only Cs were in Algebra II sophomore year, but I got Bs in Pre-Calculus.
  6. I still play with dolls on a regular basis.
  7. I like to clean.
  8. I love to organize.
  9. I don't believe childhood is complete without mud pies and grass stains.
  10. I'm incredibly crafty.
  11. I don't usually wear make-up.
  12. I have green contacts that make my eyes glow brilliantly green in the sunlight.
  13. I'm not particularly fond of roses.
  14. I'd never complain if someone gave me a rose.
  15. I never go hiking without three forms of waterproof ID.
  16. I've kept every movie ticket stub since 1991 when I saw Ace Ventura 2.
  17. I've never ordered anything off of Ebay.
  18. I write poetry.
  19. I rarely post poetry on my blog, because no one likes to read someone else's poetry.
  20. I've had the same alarm clock since elementary school.
  21. My alarm clock is the same one "Gary" used on Early Edition.
  22. I'm told I have a fantastic memory.
  23. My earliest memory is of seeing my little sister for the first time. I was twelve days shy of being three years old.
  24. I've studied several types of handwriting and can write in three distinct styles including my own comfortable script.
  25. I was never sure I could keep a blog.
  26. I never thought I'd ever have someone come back to my blog more than once except my real-life friends.
  27. My real-life friends all think I'm weird for keeping a blog--they don't understand.
  28. I was born in Corvallis, Oregon.
  29. I've cut myself on just about every un-sharp object imaginable, but I've never sliced myself on a kitchen knife.
  30. Due to my "high-impact personality" (read: clumsiness), I'm never far from band-aids.
  31. My ideal man should probably know a bit about first-aid, again, for this reason.
  32. I've fainted several times, but I've only been completely unconscious two or three times.
  33. I've had at least three minor concussions in the last five years.
  34. I want kids very, very much.
  35. I don't want to have many kids... two or three would be nice.
  36. I can usually see those 3-D images in less than a second.
  37. Even though I went to a "party school," I never once wanted to join a sorority.
  38. I never drank alcohol underage.
  39. My top land speed record: just over 100mph.
  40. My top land speed record was on a motorcycle.
  41. We were going so fast, I lost a contact due to wind shear with an open-faced helmet.
  42. I bite my cuticles.
  43. This bad habit started in early grade school, and nothing seems to help me stop.
  44. I enjoy reading about Victorian customs for women.
  45. I always have the urge to wear pants and play with power tools after reading about Victorian customs for women.
  46. I've never dyed my hair.
  47. In seventh grade, I had a perm that made me look like a poodle.
  48. I am never, ever, ever going to get another perm.
  49. For no reason, I have a hard time tossing a good shoebox.
  50. I am pretty sure visitor 10,000 will visit before I finish this list.
  51. I am a Geocacher!
  52. I love to watch movies.
  53. I wear bikinis or string-bikinis exclusively (as underwear).
  54. I pick at scabs.
  55. I've been in an adult store, and I wasn't shocked or offended by anything inside.
  56. I've never flown in an airplane, helicopter, or other machines.
  57. While I don't drink much, I prefer hard alcohol to beer or wine.
  58. I've never done yoga.
  59. I never babysat any children except my own sister.
  60. While I am a scientist, I accept that some things are beyond scientific explanation.
  61. I've only been out of the country one time: to B.C. when I was ten.
  62. I won first place in a hula-hoop contest.
  63. I can change my own oil.
  64. I had a thing for a man in uniform until I dated one.
  65. Even though I studied history and government in high school (specialized in it), and I still love reading about U.S. History, I'm not into politics beyond basic necessities.
  66. I have emerald earrings made from Mt. St. Helens ash.
  67. I once ran so hard that I puked.
  68. I bet if one looked hard enough, they could find anything they wanted to know about me on this blog.
  69. I'm old enough to remember snap bracelets and acid wash jeans.
  70. But I don't remember the Berlin Wall going down.
  71. I believe that trees can communicate with other trees, but I can't explain how.
  72. My highest grades in college were in English and U.S. History, not science courses.
  73. I chose to study science because it challenges me more than other subjects.
  74. I didn't start watching TV shows or movies about dancing until after I started dancing, unlike what everyone asks.
  75. I don't like wearing lipstick because it leaves lip prints on my Diet Coke cans.
  76. When I cut my fingernails, I cut them as short as possible so that no white part is left on the ends.
  77. I cut my fingernails about once every two weeks.
  78. My first words were "mama," "dada," and "mine."
  79. The only sport I really understand is basketball.
  80. I wish I knew more about cars... apparently guys like girls who like cars.
  81. I prefer Facebook to MySpace.
  82. I won't spend more than $30 on a pair of blue jeans.
  83. I won't spend less than $80 on a pair of shoes unless they're on sale.
  84. My two most prized possessions are books.
  85. I would rather have hamburger buns without sesame seeds than with them.
  86. I've never been in a hurricane or tornado, but I've felt two earthquakes.
  87. My favorite cartoons growing up were Mickey Mouse and Looney Tunes.
  88. I type very quickly: I've outrun my own keyboard before!
  89. Due to the time I have spent and do spend at a computer and piano, I'm developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  90. I can't stand yogurt.
  91. I like frozen yogurt.
  92. I generally carry a deck of cards and a book to read in case I get stuck somewhere.
  93. I also keep my camera close at hand, just in case.
  94. Last time I tried, I couldn't bench-press the bar.
  95. Altoids make me sneeze.
  96. I can't wear Nike, Adidas, Reebok, or New Balance brand shoes--they're too wide.
  97. My last one-piece swim suit was in 5th grade... hooray for a bare belly!
  98. I'm very excited to reach 10,000 hits.
  99. I can't believe I came up with 100 More Things About Me.
  100. I'm very thankful I'm done with this list, because I can't think of anything else I want to tell you.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Money Keeps Rolling In... Kinda

Guess what else graduating from college does: cheaper car insurance! YAY!

That extra $5.00 per month means I'll eventually be able to buy ... oh who am I kidding? That money is so headed for chocolate...

hehe, it's almost enough money to support my dancing habit.

...nah, chocolate. :)

Stuck Between "Child" and "Adult"

Another set of cluster headaches seems to be upon me. Three times today I've been sitting, minding my own business when BAM! intense pain on the top left of my head. I've had four or five sets in as many years. They're generally brought on by stress, and while they only last a few seconds, the pain is excruciating. Can't take any drugs, and caffeine won't help... just gotta wait them out.

My boss asked me about a week ago if I knew a good banana nut bread recipe. Grandma has a great one, and I'd intended to make some bread and take it to work. Mom said she'd help me if I wanted. Apparently "help" means doing it for me. I very much appreciate Mom helping me, but I would have liked to do it myself. My parents are both like this. Instead of teaching us or showing us how to do something, they do it themselves, and then they whine about how immature and inexperienced we are. The one that really pissed me off was making an appointment. "Mom, I need to make X appointment." was always followed by, "okay, I'll make the appointment for you." In my entire 23 years on Earth, I've made exactly one appointment to see a doctor, dentist, or other professional. I do make my own hair appointments, unless (of course), Mom determines I "need" one on her own and makes one for me. Is it too much to ask to allow me to do these things myself?

Tonight was a night for pampering. I got some hair glaze (whatever that is) and some new make-up, so hopefully tomorrow I'll look more pretty than today. I also buffed my nails and cut my hair. I am not a high-maintenance female (wash 'n' go is great for me!), but sometimes it feels good to do 'girly' things.

Oh yeah! My comic books came today! The six-year-old in me can't wait to tear into them:
Bucky Katt's Big Book of Fun: A Get Fuzzy Treasury
Groovitude: A Get Fuzzy Treasury
Sgt. Piggy's Lonely Heart's Club Comic: A Pearls Before Swine Treasury

One more book is on the way, due early next month.

I ate fruit both yesterday and today, plus I tried kiwi salsa. Two fruits, two days in a row, plus a new food made from fruit, and I liked it! The world is definitely amiss...

Monday, March 26, 2007

No Money = No Food

Lunchtime was an adventure today. I left work at noon to go to Subway on Monroe Street. When I got there, everything was dark, like they weren't open. I tried the door, which gave, and walked inside. "Cash only, cold sandwiches." Armed with only one dollar, I guessed they weren't going to cut me a deal. I wandered across the street to my bank, but that block was without power too. No power meant no ATM, which meant no money for me, which also meant no food. Grrr. I got back in my car and headed to Fred Meyer, then Bi-Mart... nobody had power. After driving around for half an hour, I found a parking spot near the Subway on 9th Street. They had power, and I think that block was the only one in most of Corvallis. The wait wasn't too bad, and I got my sandwich with just enough time to speed back to work. Talk about an adventure!

The rest of the day was long and worrysome. I worked hard all morning making an 80-odd-sheet Excel workbook look and function properly, and it does look great. This afternoon, I finished part of one project and started another... so I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring.

The worrying part of my day is a little silly, but still, it's irksome to any woman. I was about a week late this month. For someone who runs like clockwork, that's awful. I don't think there's any way I could be pregnant (it'd be a virgin pregnancy!), but in the back of my mind, I still worry. I'm less worried today. :) The good news and the bad news are one in the same: I started my period. Fucking hell, this 'being a girl' thing sucks!

Now that I've told you WAAAAAY more than you needed to know, I'm going to go work out on my rolling ball. That means I'm destined to roll off and whack my head on something harder than it... do I get points for injuring myself on a yoga ball in my own bedroom?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Interesting Statistic

I eat waffles every morning for breakfast, topped off with a tiny bit of peanut butter and a drizzling of maple syrup. I generally wash it down with Diet Coke. Total, that's about three hundred calories for a filling breakfast. The interesting statistic part? I've been eating two Eggo waffles each morning since sixth grade. If I had two waffles, six days each week, fifty-two weeks in a year (that leaves a few days for donuts), for the last twelve years...

2 waffles/day x 6 days/week x 52 weeks/year x 12 years = 7488 waffles

1 teaspoon peanut butter x 6 days/week x 52 weeks/year x 12 years = 3744 teaspoons (which is just shy of five gallons)

That's a shitload of waffles and peanut butter!

You're welcome, Eggo people.

More Books, More Questions

I think I'm over the whiplash sustained in the rear-ending of my car last week. Glad that pain is gone. Yesterday was good. I didn't accomplish a damn thing. To make up for it, I ought to get something done today--like washing my car or making some bread... or at least coming up with a new project to work on.

I love books--and my collection attests to that. I'll soon be working on my third floor-to-ceiling bookcase. Yesterday, I popped over to to order a couple comic books. Get Fuzzy and Pearls Before Swine pick me up on bad days, and the books were a decent steal, so I ordered four books (treasury collections, so it's really eight books).

Mostly, I bought the comic books because I have nothing to read right now. I mean... I have tons of books, but none of them are jumping out at me to be read again. I've even cracked open my Norton Anthologies to read Plato and Montaigne. Unfortunately, my hunger for classic literature dies out by the second stanza most of the time. I like to think I'm educated in the classic works, but truthfully, I know very little about it. Give me a Gary Paulsen book, put me on the prairie with Laura Ingalls, or send me to bed with some Shel Silverstein. I can see six books by Stephen E. Ambrose from here, and I know Dad has a couple in one of his bookcases... as much as I love to read about the drama of war and history (and Ambrose knew how to write it), I can't help but be depressed afterward. So I walk away from my own collection. At least I have some comic books on the way. :)

Mom and I visited Grandma last night: she's great, aside from pressuring me to get a boyfriend. I know she'd like to see me married before she goes, and I'd love for her to be at my wedding. The pressure, though... while I understand and appreciate her concern... I can't make a guy like me, and I wouldn't want the one I could.

Mom's parents are doing better. Grandpa went to the hospital just over a month ago, was released to a (poor) facility a couple weeks later, and was finally moved to a permanent facility that deals with Alzheimer's patients. His Parkinson's isn't getting worse, but since the crappy rehab facility wouldn't allow him to move without assistance, his muscles atrophied. The new place is all about helping him move, but also helping him to regain his muscle. Grandpa is sitting pretty in his own recliner not far from his own TV where he can watch AMC all day long if he wants. I'm so glad (relieved) he's in a good place and not Grandma's burden.

I've noticed a fear of poetry among bloggers. There are those who write and read it, those who avoid it entirely, and perhaps a few that write their own but don't read others. What is the big deal? I know if I posted a poem, I'd see no comments. People are afraid to tell someone else anything but "well, that's good...I liked it." People don't like poetry they don't know the meaning to. Limericks and haikus go over better--form and function recognized even if content is shady. I write poetry sometimes. I don't write it for you, and I don't care what you think of it (unless you really like it, in which case, that's cool, but I still didn't write it for you). Seriously. Why do people avoid poetry?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Of Birds, Bees, and Remembering "The Talk"

I didn't come upon this subject by myself. With little required of me this weekend and a desire to absorb some mindless TV, I have taken to watching Gene Simmons' Family Jewels. This morning, an episode aired where Gene's daughter (jokingly, but directly) asked her father to explain The Birds and The Bees to her. He balked and fought and ended up not being able to do it.

Being a girl, my mother gave me "The Talk." I was on my way to a piano lesson when, out of no where, Mom asked me if I knew how babies are made. I was eleven. And I did not get any new piano music that week; I don't think I got new piano music for a month. Over the course of a few weeks, Mom explained the changes girls go through, various products we utilize, and finally explained how babies are made. Let me tell ya, at eleven, there was no way a guy was going to do that to me.

Over the next ten years, I survived puberty (complete with five years of braces, a few zits, and boobs that came out of nowhere at eighteen). The trauma experienced in "The Talk" passed, but Mom still has mini-talks with me on occasion. I don't know if she thinks I don't know things or if she's asking questions or if she's just trying to be motherly, but it's funny now. I have to humor her--it's her right to want to protect me from the big, scary world.

The show brought two questions to mind:
1. What would "The Talk" have been like with my father instead of my mother?
2. Are boobs (or whatever you call them) really that powerful?

The first question is probably more important, though of less intrigue to me. My dad is an engineer and thinks scientifically all the time. He's been exposed to a lot with two girls... and he's always been there if I ever wanted to talk to him. But what would he have said? How would Dad have approached that subject? Would he have used scientific terms or slang terms? Would he have done it himself, or would he have found another female (if Mom was unavailable)? Would he have taken it seriously, or would we have laughed the whole time? 99% of me is incredibly thankful my own mother was there to give me "The Talk."

And the second question is mostly for my readers to answer, since I'm not a guy. I've got boobs, and I must admit to having used them once or twice, but if I didn't have them, I'd be totally okay with that. At least I'd be able to run without pain or swing a golf club in a straight line... So, guys (and girls, I guess), are boobs really that powerful?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Say Thank You!

Before I get started tonight, Happy Birthday Dad! I love you.

Tonight, my parents, sister, and I went to The Olive Garden for dinner to celebrate Dad's birthday. He also got some fancy shop tools (a new lathe and some other stuff), so we picked those up while we were out. Dinner was excellent, and we had a nice time. Our waiter was kind without being obnoxious, expedient (even when slammed with a lot of people), and generally good about doing his job. I waited tables on weekend mornings in a retirement facility for four years. I know how hard that job can be, and I know what it feels like to have a disgruntled old person throw toast at me if I messed up an order. Any time a waiter or waitress comes to my table, be it to bring something or simply ask how things are going, I always thank them. I think I thanked our waiter twenty times tonight. Mom asked at one point, "are you hitting on him?" Nope, I'm just trying to make him feel like he's doing a good job.

Because that's what you're supposed to do. Say thank you!

If someone does something nice for me, steps out of their way, or shows that they've been thinking about me, I absolutely thank them. Example: Chris and I have not spoken since we broke up. About a week ago, he sent me an e-mail with a link to a paper he thought I'd like to read. Regardless of what I'd like to say to him, the fact that I don't really have anything to say to him, or anything else really, I replied with a short, "Thanks." I didn't tell him that to be a better person or to show him up. I said thank you because that's what I do.

Another great example is that of sending "thank yous" after receiving a gift. Mom and Dad taught us to write them when we were learning to write, partly as an exercise in penmanship, partly to learn more respect. I can't say I've sent them every single time, but the vast majority of gifts saw a reply thank you. This is one art/courtesy I really hope never dies: handwritten thank you notes are increasingly rare, and they can definitely score points.

I have thanked the people that pass out exams in college finals. Nothing says manners like thanking the person handing you a piece of paper that, once scribbled on, determines the rest of your life. Generally those people gave me weird looks--LOL, not something they expected to hear.

If you're still sitting here, I'd like to thank you, too. It's not every day I find someone willing to listen to me drone on and on about those silly life lessons I've learned in my short lifetime. Being thankful is one of those important lessons. So thanks.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Jaggy Got Potty Mouth

Talk about ammunition for a blog post! Thanks, guys!

It all started here, a nice post about a shower head. I seem to have caused quite a stir over on Mr. Guy's blog, and I have a few more comments of my own now. Look for the (impossible to miss) red text.


Beth said...
Big whine here. I want one. For my back. Does a Tank Drainer 2000 really exist?
7:13 AM

Jaggy said...
When we were looking at renting our house while in college, we found a great house with a fantastic shower head. That shower head mysteriously disappeared between initial inspection and move-in day. I lived with a stationary (hose-less) shower head until I had to clean the shower the first time. Unacceptable! I went to a local store and bought a shower head with a hose. I installed it all by myself, too (my princess of a roommate freaking out the whole time, lol). I took it with me when we moved out. That's my shower head.
7:18 AM By the way, that shower head is this crazy off-lilac.

thartill said...
Ah yes...agree completely. That is what I call a "Power Shower".
7:50 AM

Jaggy said...
P.S. I totally posted first this morning, but had to enter that fucking password thing nineteen times before I got all the letters right. So there! :P
11:50 AM

The Guy Who Writes This said...
Ahh, Jaggy you have to get up pretty early to beat Beth. Sorry about the security codes, but I really do get a lot of spam here. I will try taking it down again next month and see how it goes, again. Mr. Guy, don't worry about the passwords. I have trouble with all of them, not typing them, but actually seeing the difference between "cl" and "d."

Beth, that is just my name for it. It is probably no longer available since it is law, here that only efficient shower heads are sold. Maybe ebay. It looks just like the one in the photo, and the part where the water comes out is metal, not plastic.

TH, the next step is a pressure washer. Now there's an idea...
12:09 PM

thartill said...
Jaggy what language!
I'm shocked...SHOCKED I tell ya!
1:32 PM

Moosehead said...
Jaggy got potty mouth, Jaggy got potty mouth.
Isn't it great when you realize you have had a positive influence on the yutes.
2:32 PM

thartill, moosehead, and the rest of ya: Trust me, you did not have a bad influence on me. One of my best friends was a Ranger, and I've dated both a Sailor and a Marine. Last year, I gave up swearing for Lent, and it was actually pretty hard. First, I'm not Catholic, so Lent was hard in general, but not swearing was exceptionally difficult. I only allowed myself to say "crap." I grew up saying that at home without repercussion, so I figure it's pretty mild. Believe me when I say those three guys taught me how to swear! Mom's a good (bad) influence sometimes too. ;)

The Guy Who Writes This said...
Hey you guys, Jaggy has had a bad month. She broke up with her boyfriend and was in a wreck with her car. Besides I like it when she talks like that...
2:38 PM I haven't had a bad month... I got HIRED! I didn't break up with him, he dumped me. Not that I mind... seeing how much happier I am now. Yes, a minor traffic accident that caused a mild case of whiplash--could have been so much worse. But if you like it, you might look a little closer at some earlier posts. I've calmed the language down for some of my older viewers. Plus, I respect the fact that not everyone want to run across an F-bomb every other line.

thartill said...
We all know that you like it when the ladies talk dirty to you Guy.
Remember though..Grand-daughters...
3:15 PM I'm confused, and I am not sure I want to know.

The Guy Who Writes This said...
Yes, Jaggy is young enough to be my grand daughter, but she's paid her dues. She has loved and lost, she finished her education. She's old enough to buy me a beer or an icecream. She works with people who give her shit for being young. Jaggy is OK by me to say what ever she wants. By the way, you are both about the same age. Want to meet one another??? She likes men who can dance, and not just around the issues...
3:43 PM I don't know what to say! Um... I have loved and lost, but I'll never finish my education. I can buy beer and ice cream, but unlike some frat boys, I would never mix the two. Beer does not belong in milkshakes, I don't care what kind of Irishman you are! I don't know if I'd meet someone I met online. Call me traditional, but I'm willing to learn... as long as it's not in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

thartill said...
While I think she is a cutie and I have no doubt we would get along great, I think our jobs will keep us in our respective towns for a while. And I'm not a Long Dist. guy.
She likes men who can dance
How could you possibly know this? Wait a minute, have you been hanging out at the Wet Dog at 1 or 2 in the morning?
7:12 PM AWWW! Points to the guy. I agree about long distance relationships not working. But if the guy can dance... now there's a treat! Y'all have a bar called the "Wet Dog"? That's almost as bad as Albany's "Linger Longer."

Trish said...
My mothers apartment has water pressure that will take will take your skin right off and I love it. It's like a spa treatment.
7:43 PM

Mom of Three said...
Everyone knows Jaggy likes to dance...she's in that dance club thingy.
Great post about Jaggy, Guy!
Oh, wait! Shower pressure! Damn straight! Aesthetically, I would rather have those large sunflowery gentle rain shower heads. But I can't abide by it, regardless of how authentic it looks.
When I was in high school, my parents bought one of those newfangled detachable shower massage ones. O.M.G. The uses a pent-up teenage girl could find for such a thing!
8:16 PM I DO love to dance! But I'm not in any clubs: I dance socially. MO3, I totally understand. (*thinks to self* did I just say that? LOL!)

Jaggy said...
OMG LOL! YOU PEOPLE ROCK! Come on over to me blog to see some thoughts. ;)
This totally made my month.


My blog stats are off the charts tonight! I can't believe it. I'm... stunned. Today has been slow, but good, and I'm much less sore from the whiplash, so I'm pretty happy. Maybe it's the hazelnut pancakes I had for dinner... those were excellent. I'm so amazed at how incredible this evening has been. Wow!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Seven Songs I'm Into

Mom of Three tagged me, so now I have to list seven songs I'm into, and then tag five other people. I'm not sure I even know five other people... let alone five bloggers... so we'll see how many I get.

On to the songs! and in random order:

I totally agree with MO3 that "Mad World," the Gary Jules version, rocks. I first heard the song in the movie "Donnie Darko" (with hottie Jake Gyllenhaal), and got it stuck in my head for two months before my roommate helped me figure out what the song was. Now I have the piano music and never get the song stuck in my head.

"Livin' on the Run" or "What Love Is" by Scott Grimes. I know I named two songs, but the second one hasn't even been released yet. They're both awesome songs. "Livin' on the Run" is a great commuting song.

"Now or Never" by Josh Groban. I'm not often one to utter a phrase like that, but the song is beautiful. I enjoy singing along, poor as my voice is--good thing I'm alone in my car.

"She Waits" by Zero1 (formerly Hal Sparks Band). Rock and roll, straight up. This song oozes contemporary hit, plus the lead vocalist is an incredible human, setting a great example by being respectful and thoughtful about his ideas and causes. Did I mention he's hot, too? ;)

"Ride of Your Life" by Oliver James. (Ignore the video on that song link - it's the only song sample I could find.) Tossed a Brit on my list, a cutie, and what a voice! I first heard this song in one of my favorite coming-of-age comedies, "What a Girl Wants." This is also the song I had my Birthday Dance to this last November. Yay for Nightclub Two-Step!

"Beyond the Sea" --originally by Bobby Darin, and while his version is excellent, there's something about Kevin Spacey I find irresistible. Um, it's also one heck of a fun Lindy Hop or Foxtrot...

Figure I can't have a list full of male vocals, so I'll toss in Nnenna Freelon's "If I Had You" from the "What Women Want" soundtrack. Talk about singing from the heart... I could listen to Nnenna sing all day. This style, whatever it is, this is what I love.

So there you have it. I'm tagging Whit-o, Mr. Faris, Twisting, and Pirate Bendy. Because I can.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My First Car Accident

I had hoped Tuesday would be better than Monday, and it was better until I was rear-ended driving home tonight.

Am I okay, you ask? For the most part, yes. I feel like my brain rattled around a bit, and my knee slammed into my steering column pretty hard, so that will likely bruise, but mostly I'm shaken.

How is the car? The car is good. Cosmetically, there are a few scratches in the rear bumper, one very tiny dent in the license plate hollow. A thumbnail size piece of my (twelve-years-old-and-crazy-ugly) license plate frame is chipped. I'm not sure if there is any damage to the car underneath the bumper, but I think not. Dad will definitely look later.

So what happened? I was driving home, coming into Lebanon on Airport Road between 2nd Street and the Highway when the cars in front of me all stopped suddenly for the light. I'd allowed a marginal distance, but with the application of brakes, gritting of teeth, and a load of determination, I narrowly missed rear-ending the red Mustang in front of me (sad thought: I was more worried about damaging the Mustang than my own car). My tires locked up, and I'm sure I left some marks on the pavement. Just as I stopped completely, I saw the cloud of smoke and burned rubber float over me. A second later, I heard more tires screeching and flew forward. My foot never left the brake. I was not going to hit the car in front of me. I was not going to become a sandwich. The sound of the impact was impressive--that noise alone scared the shit out of me. Surprisingly, the airbag did not deploy. I pulled into the next available driveway, exchanged information with the woman who rear-ended me, and examined my car. I thought she'd put the trunk under my hood by all the noise and jarring, but nope... no dents to speak of...

I don't know how fast she was going, but I'd stopped. If that's what an impact feels like at 5 or 10mph, I can't imagine how painful and frightening 5o, 60, or 70mph must be, and I am sure I don't want to find out. Heck, I don't even want to drive to work tomorrow.

Actually, the weirdest/coolest part of the accident was my pop can. I had it sitting in a cup-holder in my dash/console. The cup-holder slide-tray thingy slid forward with the impact, and the pop can dented in about an inch.

Oh, and the brakes? Yeah... remember that I got new ones last week. Talk about small miracles...

The accident could have been so much worse. You can't imagine the thanks I've sent up already or the thanking I have yet to do.

Monday, March 19, 2007

I Survived Monday

I survived Monday. Today:

-I stuffed three hundred fifty 10"x13" envelopes with our most important mail of the year. I sustained more papercuts than I can count, seeing that they often overlap and criss-cross each other.

-I moved several hundred pounds of boxes from point A to point B.

-I screwed up mailing some documents last week (sent confidential information to the wrong person, eek!), so today I had to correct my error.

-I was in the process of rubber-banding some envelopes when I reached to get another rubber band. In my haste, I lifted the container and a white spider charged at me. I do NOT like spiders. One of my coworkers caught and released it outside while another one stood there making questioning faces at me as I shook.

-I received an unusual e-mail (read: disconcerting, unexpected, and slightly odd), and was unsure of how to respond.

-I pissed off a friend (he had it coming, and I'd do it again).

-I had a horrible drive home in the rain, cars and big trucks kicking up all matter of road chum.

-I messaged the Facebook people to see if they can alter the way Facebook imports my blog: instead of pulling the whole post, I'd like it if they only pulled the first few lines (like ORblogs) so that my friends would have to link over to read the rest of the post.


-Now I'm going to go watch celebrities attempt to dance, then watch The Riches.
Because Eddie Izzard rocks.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Family Weekend

I saw a lot of family this weekend, probably more than at Christmas even. Since the wedding was yesterday, much of the immediate family stuck close to town, and we all celebrated Grandma's birthday together. This time also allowed Mom and her siblings a moment to sit down together with Grandma and discuss moving Grandpa out of his current (poor) facility into a nicer one that specializes in the kind of care he needs. I'm hopeful he'll be moved this week.

As much as they get on my nerves and cause me drama and are weird, I adore my family. More than whether or not he drinks or worships God or the sun or whatever, I wish my future boyfriend/husband/significant other understands how important family is.

I had a chance this morning to sit at my piano for a few minutes. Two songs, but two very good ones. I really should play more often... seeing that I don't even interrupt people since the piano is digital and has headphones. Maybe later... after laundry and a shower and getting ready for my week.

People keep warning me that as soon as I start a desk job, I'll gain a bunch of weight. The good news: I've already been working in this very job for six months. If I was going to start gaining weight, I would have. The bad news: I did gain a little bit... but I'm not sure if that was because I'm sitting on my ass all day or if it's because my body is preparing to have kids. Such is life... I'm not that worried... a night out on the town dancing will fix me pretty fast.

I need to do a million things tonight, but I hope to have pictures up from yesterday soon. Right now, a shower. Time to escape from the world, swapping stories, and eating too much.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Congratulations to Derek and Stacy

...on your wedding today! My cousin Stacy married her handsome biker fiancé today, St. Patrick's Day, in Independence, Oregon. Welcome to the family, Derek. I'd mention the insanity, but I'm pretty sure you already got that part figured out on the camping trip.

The ceremony and reception were phenomenal. My aunt (Stacy's mother) worked incredibly hard over the last few months with a little (tiny) bit of help from my own mother and a couple other people. Not a small ceremony at three hundred people, but considering that's really immediate family, a bit of the extended family, and a handful of the family's friends... it could have been a lot bigger. Candlelight ceremony, catered dinner, and an open bar: people seemed to have a really good time.

My sister and I were given the honor of cutting the cake. After Derek and Stacy cut their cake and kindly fed each other, my sister and I sliced up two gigantic sheet cakes and served them. For our services as "official" help, Stacy gave each of us a beautiful silver necklace with interchangeable stones.

I can't possibly post about a wedding without mentioning the dancing. The DJ had some awesome music, but nobody was there with me to WCS or Two-step. My youngest cousin (sorta), who is thirteen (?), asked me to dance. He said he didn't really know how to dance, so I offered to take him outside where people wouldn't watch us and teach him a few steps. I had to show him where to put his hands, how to hold his frame, and how to 'step, step, step' in a circle. He did a great job! Seeing that he was picking things up so fast, I offered to show him a basic box waltz. He did stumble a couple times, but within five minutes, he was working up to a turning box, and given another ten minutes, I could have had him traveling a silver basic. Holy crap, that kid learns fast! I did get two marvelous dances with him on the dance floor, and he tossed a spin onto the end. :) I also danced with my cousin Jacob (who, at sixteen, is several inches taller than me... I remember when he was three... and shorter). I love dancing, and I adore ballroom and swing dances with intricate steps. But there was something fun about not worrying about the beat or steps or trying to impress anyone.

Although do I kinda find it weird to say I danced with my cousins at a wedding--something about that doesn't sound right.

Congratulations, again, to Derek and Stacy!

Oh, the Oregon Trail...

I grew up playing The Oregon Trail on two-color Apple computers during free-time in the library at school. I'd always be the banker so I could travel with the most loot all the way to Oregon. Of course, I thought it was pretty silly then to walk all the way to Oregon on a computer screen when I was already sitting in Oregon in reality. Several years ago, I acquired an early version of the game. Today, I installed it onto my Vista-Demon. Guess what: it worked flawlessly. I'm up and "traveling at a strenuous pace" as I blog. *Pause to hunt.*

I LOVE this game!

You know what else I love? The Oregon Trail system requirements:
-386 or higher
-Windows 3.1 or higher
-256-color display (and it warns you of that upon installation)
-4 MB of RAM
-2x CD-ROM drive

How incredible is that? Four whole megabytes for a game that has lasted how many years, kids, and deaths before Independence Rock? *Pause to hunt.*

Forget World of Warcraft and The Sims. I'm walking across the continent on The Oregon Trail.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Sleep? I used to do that...


I just want to sleep.

I've been going to bed by 11pm, but I can't stay asleep until 6:30am when I usually get up. I've exercised, thought really hard, relaxed, ate properly, drank plenty of water... I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I can't stay asleep.

I'm not worried about anything or stressed... and I don't have any pressing concerns.

All that said, I am sleeping tomorrow until I wake up for good. And now I'm going to bed.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

An Ordinary Day

Tonight has been eventful, and while busy, quite satisfying. My sister and I commuted together, so I saved gas (okay, she did since I drove), I was back in Lebanon by 5:40pm, and then I took my grandmother shopping.

Every time I take Grandma out, people remark about 'what a good granddaughter' I am to do such a thing. Why on earth would I not want to do something helpful and important for my grandma? She's a handful, don't get me wrong... she's stubborn and overly blunt and downright impossible sometimes, but she's generous and kind. I help her write checks (since she can't see to do it herself), and I have taken her out for spontaneous drives in the country. I don't do it for praise or money or anything but the fact that she's my friend, family, and a really neat person. I'm not the 'good granddaughter' people see... just a kid doing something for someone else.

I'm a little bummed that I won't be taking some handsome boy with me to my cousin's wedding on Saturday. Chris was going to go with me, but after some relationship ending on his part, I've lost my date. I'd advertise the extraordinary amount of free beer, DJ'd music and dancing, catered dinner (good food!), and cute girl to spend time with, but I do have to perform two official functions as part of the wedding reception. They won't take long... and my date would have lots of people to talk to as they stand in line for one of the kegs. Mostly, I want someone to dance with. The problem is that there is a formal ballroom dance at OSU at the same time as the wedding and reception. None of my male dance partners want to go with me...

I spent a good hour trying to copy ArcGIS Desktop onto my computer again tonight. Now I need the hardware key ($50) and something else. Exciting that things are working!

This morning, when I tried to update Vista with and download and reboot, it FREAKED OUT. Vista rebooted itself into some weird alternate reality where none of my programs existed and both Windows Sidebar and Google Sidebar were open at the same time. It wasn't safe mode. It wasn't even displaying that I had an account. I killed the compy from the wall (no power means no go, and I love having that kind of power over Vista), rebooted manually, and everything was perfect. WTF?! I'm hesitant to ever update Vista again.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Compy Frustrations, Still and Again

My new computer continues to amaze and frustrate me. Tonight, I attempted to download and install a legal version of ArcGIS Desktop but could not use VPN to connect to OSU, so that didn't work. I did manage to get copies of Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and Fireworks to work with Vista, and I finally connected my printer to this computer. My surge protector is so fancy, I had to flip a switch to make it work (it should just be plug-and-go, but apparently it's not). AND I got a copy of Symantec Corporate for Vista, so I'm protected from all those e-STDs out there. :)

I'm really official at OSU now having signed the job offer letter.

I got money back on my taxes this year!

And my new bag and shoes arrived recently:
I ordered a Timbuk2 classic messenger bag (custom build) and Merrell shoes.

I'm thinking about adding a little section on the side called "Brands I Support" for those brands which I tend to prefer and purchase regularly and have neat products or promotions. Call it free advertising, but I'll advertise those people I support. Comments or questions?

Otherwise, this time change has me exhausted. Off to bed...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Random Questions II

Since the first list is so popular, I thought I'd add another list. Here you go, twenty more completely useless facts or thoughts about me:

1. Do you own a box of crayons? Yes, several, all Crayola (of course).

2. Have you ever seen a dead body? Yes, I've seen dead bodies. I've seen people die, and I've worked with cadavers. Nothing quite as eerie as a 'dead and skinless' human.

3. Do you always wear a seatbelt? Absolutely without fail, even if the car is off and parked with the windows down and the doors open, one tire missing... hehehe. Yes, I do.

4. When do you shower most often? I like to shower as soon as I get home from work, preferably 3 or 4pm on weekends. Showers are a good break from the world.

5. Do you own any diamonds? Yes, I do... nine or ten very small ones, and I know where they came from. I'm not fond of diamonds, but I'd never complain if someone gave me one.

6. What songs do you sing in the shower? "Amazing Grace."

7. What was the last thing you purchased? Cookies, tonight, for the Geocaching meeting.

8. What makes you feel warm and safe? My bed, cuddling with a guy, Amie

9. How often do you remember your dreams? Hahaha, rarely.

10. Did you go to public or private school? Public schools, public university

11. Have you ever prank-called someone? Yes, unfortunately. I was peer-pressured into it in 5th grade while at a sleep-over. The girls made me call a random number, and I left a message something to the effect of "Hi, this is so-and-so from JC Penney, your credit card is, like, a million billion dollars overdue, you need to pay right now or we'll *muffled laughter and giggles*" I think I went home and dialed the same number again to confess or something... it made me feel really bad.

12. How do you vent your anger? I don't get angry. :) When I do get frustrated or upset, I'll either take a long shower or go running and then take a shower. I hate running, but it's a good outlet. My friends all know that if I've gone running, things aren't good.

13. What is your heritage? I'm German, Russian, and English, nothing more or less.

14. What kind of watch do you wear? Fossil, a college grad gift to myself.

15. Did you ever go to camp? Haha, yes. I went to "Jump Rope Camp" and the U of O's "Drum Major/Leadership Camp" (like band camp, but without instruments).

16. Where were you on September 11, 2001? I was at home, then at school. I was trying to find news to eat while I ate my waffles, but nothing was on TV except breaking events. I didn't really think much about it until I got to school and wandered a bit. Classrooms were open, kids wandering in and out of any and every room. Nobody talked... it was weird. My best friend took me home that afternoon, and I picked up the newspaper, the headline reading "Attack on America" in the largest font I've ever seen used on a paper. I was seventeen.

17. Are you registered to vote? Yes, yes I am. And I do vote.

18. What is your ringtone? Vibrate. When it does ring, it plays "Mack the Knife" by Bobby Darin.

19. What kind of milk do you drink? I don't drink milk. I use 1% if I must use milk.

20. Are you touchy-feely? No, not really. I do touch my dance friends more than others, but that's part of the dance and environment more than me. I don't go out of my way to make contact with anyone.

Blogging about Blogging

Sometimes I have a hard time remembering why I started this blog. I didn't do it to be popular, nor did I ever expect anyone else to actually read it. I wasn't out to make money, and I didn't really know what to write about. Slowly, the posts rolled out. If you notice, way way back at the beginning, I only posted a few times every month. Then they started happening bi-weekly. Now, I post usually post once each day, although more if I'm feeling inspired and less if I'm busy.

I go back and read those older posts now and then, and I'm reminded of who I was while I was writing. I wasn't writing for you, and I wasn't writing to sound important or intelligent. My posts are about my life, my loves, my adventures, and difficulties. I think one of the reasons blogging comes naturally to me is that I am rather open about my life.

My friends live far away from me, and I don't want to run to them every time I want to think something through. Writing and blogging allows me that opportunity to think "aloud," and sometimes I get feedback. Sometimes I get nice comments, and sometimes I get awesome comments!

For all the ways that I'm open about myself, there are a few things that you won't read here:

-Politics. Rarely will I post about politics. I can't stand politics, politicians, and the whole game of destroying your adversary publicly. I refuse to debate political topics here, and I honestly couldn't care less what you think about that. However, I can and do hold political viewpoints. I just don't blog about them.

-Religion. Yes, I have a blog section dedicated to religion. There have been a few posts, but I've been careful not to get preachy. What I believe is my business, and I don't think I ought to be forcing it down your throat. If you want to know, ask. I'm not hiding who I am, but I'm also not going to point out how we're possibly different.

-My (nonexistent) sex life. I'm absolutely open about being a virgin. And I have spoken at some length about the guys I've dated on the blog. But what I do with those guys doesn't really concern you. Anyway, you wouldn't want to hear it: "how quaintly seventh grade," you'd say.

-Poetry. I know, I know... I have a poetry section, too. But like I said before: people don't comment on other people's poetry. People are afraid of poetry. I don't write it often, and when I do, I don't necessarily want people to see it. Like religion, poetry may appear from time to time and if you don't like it, don't read it.

-Work. Well, not the people or exactly what I do. Posting publicly about the people I work with, however much I love them, isn't appropriate. And while I love my job, I'm not going to tell you where it is or what I do. You might see rants about work, but they'll be general rants. I'd probably rant about the exact same thing anywhere else. I really do like my job. :)

But everything else... that's all up for grabs. From how I do my laundry to my pre-bedtime rituals to the funny thing I heard last night, it's probably all on here somewhere. I blog. And sometimes I have no idea why.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Geocaching Get-Together = Nerdy

I'm going to a Geocaching meeting tomorrow night.

Does it get much more nerdy than that? :)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

McDowell Creek Park

I can't begin to describe how much green moss we encountered or just how green the moss is.

Royal Terrace Falls
McDowell Creek Park
Linn County, Oregon

(119 feet top to bottom)

A windstorm ripped up the park this winter, so logs and debris have altered the landscape considerably since I was last here. Still, it made the creek that much more interesting (both as a scientist and photographer).

Majestic Falls
McDowell Creek Park
Linn County, Oregon

(34 feet top to bottom)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I'm not Independent, nooooo...

A funny thing happened to me sometime this week: I started smiling again.

I thought I was happy in my last relationship. I thought I had a good time. The last few days, however, have taught me how happy I am being me. Not that I wasn't me while I was dating Chris, but we didn't often do "Jaggy" things. I spent more time trying to be comfortable when I wasn't, more time stepping out of my comfort zone than appreciating being in the moment. I realized just how little I've smiled in the last two months. Chris and I laughed together, but rarely in that goofy, stupid, illogically extrapolated logic that keeps me giggling for hours.

Last night, Emily, two guy friends, and I went out to dinner. We talked, we laughed, we teased... it was perfect. After dinner, we went dancing. I was a bit slow to remember how to West Coast Swing, but after a super-fast, spinning-until-I-dropped WCS with a great lead, I fell back into the groove better than ever. I smiled all night.

As Chris was dumping me Monday night, I made a comment about being worried that I wouldn't have someone around to help me break out of my shell, to keep me engaged and interacting with other people. You know what? It's a decision. I'm as outgoing as I want to be, happy and healthy, a great person with a lot to offer anyone I meet. I don't need a silly boy.

I'd be happy having someone I can rely on as a friend, someone that doesn't put me down because I'm not interested in the same things, and someone that understands the divine beauty of sitting in one spot for more than a nanosecond. But I don't need someone telling me who to be.

I'm not bitter or angry or anything but myself. Myself... for the first time in months. Smiling. :)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I've been called many things, but this...

A SPORTS CAR! He compared me to a sports car.

Out of context that sounds pretty silly, and it made me laugh when he said that, but now that I've had time to think about it, it's a pretty awesome thing to be compared to. My partner and I were engaged in a fast foxtrot, swirling about the floor, feet with wings (or so it felt), when he looked down at me and compared me to a sports car. His reasoning being that I'm a responsive follow and react quickly to his leads. ...never thought that was an unusual thing to do, but if it means he enjoys dancing with me, I'm totally okay with that. I'm a sports car. Yippee!

Last night was amazing. I really needed to get out and dance, and after a very fun evening with a friend, I did go dancing. So much dancing! Waltz, foxtrot, swing, and hustle... I did a Viennese Waltz that left me reeling, and had a great Nightclub Two-Step. Tomorrow night, Emily is coming into town, and she and a few of our friends and I are going to dinner before the WCS dance. Hooray for being social!

I slept a solid eight hours last night, the first time in months. *insert contented sigh here*

I cut my hair again tonight. I must say, it's quite a good feeling.

And since I had the day off, I made cookies! I think I had chocolate chunks all over the kitchen before I got the cookies made... but they're incredible and amazing and wonderful oatmeal-chocolate-chunk cookies.

Tonight, Dad made a fantastic dinner, a chicken recipe I haven't had in many, many years: it's a cheap rip-off of Sizzler's "Malibu chicken." Dad, my sister, and I watched a couple episodes of Invader Zim while eating.

And now I'm watching The Princess Bride before I crawl into a warm bed.

What an excellent day!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Honesty is the Best Policy, right?

I was recently told that I'm a little too honest in my blog.

What good with this blog be to me if it wasn't a place for self-expression? What price would I pay for falsely leading others? I'm not here to impress or distress, to make anyone think I'm anything other than me. I find comfort in writing and expressing myself through words. I appreciate feedback, especially when my ideas are over the top. :)

I took the second half of the day off today to think and write. Two pages and an hour later, I had poured out a lot of things I've been holding in for a few months, and it felt good to get them out on "paper." Healing, for me, generally happens through writing about issues, written words for no one to see. I do it half as a prayer, half as meditation.

I'm told it takes a day for every month spent together to get over someone. For a two-month relationship, I'm looking at about two days, in theory, to get over him. Oddly, I feel pretty "over him" already. No tears, no bitterness, nothing of consequence left unsaid...

Perhaps it is because I became accustomed to meeting old people just before they died that I am able to grieve so quickly sometimes. I've learned that loving and losing is part of life, an ugly and unfortunate part.

I really wish, though, that I could have a relationship that lasts longer than two months... because just about the time I get comfortable, things get all weird, and I end up single again.

Wouldn't you rather that I live as openly and honestly online as I do in real-life? You're going to learn these things about me eventually... the blog just makes it easier to categorize my insanity. :)

"Can I be a mongoose dog?"

Monday, March 05, 2007

And then there was one...

Chris and I broke up tonight.

I wish I knew what happened, but part of me has always known it wouldn't work for long. I was riding the wave as far as it would go.

That was one hell of a wave, and I'm sad to see our relationship end.

Guess that's all I have.

...and then there was one...



"We'll also start looking at bringing up in bulk items like wheat berries or soy beans and then processing those into editable ingredients, like with the wheat berries we'd make wheat flour and then we'd be able to do pasta or cereal or breads. The soy we might make into a meat analog or soy bean oil or tofu. So we'd be doing that kind of work also."

Wow, what will NASA think of next?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Not Long

I acquired an "artist's carving block" this weekend, and I'm hand-carving some rubber stamps. I also worked out some of the new piano music, although I'm so out of practice that it was almost painful to listen to myself play.

Today has been restful. I'm having fun being creative. A friend chatted with me for a long while online, and he helped put things in better perspective, not to mention causing a lot of laughter. And now I'm killing some time playing with my carving and watching more of The Unit.

Maybe I'll get some pictures taken this week... that sounds like a good thing to work on.

And cutting my hair. I swear, that stuff grows too fast.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Curly Noodles

Three visitors. I've only had THREE visitors today. Holy crap, where is everyone?!

I have been busy and stressed this week, and finally got to spend more than half an hour with my boyfriend because he's busy too. We watched a movie last night, and I made him dinner (what is it about cooking for a guy that makes me like them more?). I'll put the totally uncomplicated recipe below. He's been stressed, and I could tell our relationship has strained a bit due to various reasons. But this morning, he did something very cool. I didn't intend for him to read my blog posting about missing my friends (although I wasn't hiding anything either). I do miss my friends. He picked up my phone and started scrolling through the address book very casually, landing every so often on a name he didn't recognize, finally stopping on Emily's name. Without warning, he poked the "dial" button and the phone was ringing. I told him if he called her, he'd have to talk to her, so he did. Poor Emily, some weird guy calling her on my phone... but after a second, she figured it out, and I got to talk to my Emily for a bit. :) It's not the same as having her down the hallway... but I really appreciate Chris for helping me get a little more of what I needed. :)

Chris had to go back to the office today, so I left his house and went shopping for a bit of a project/surprise I'm working on. Not saying who the surprise is for, nor what it is, but I'm brewing up something. Can't be good... there are going to be sharp objects involved, and I'm notoriously dangerous and self-destructive with sharp objects... could be fun. ;)

Met K and went shoe shopping downtown. Corvallis sucks when it comes to clothes and shoe shopping. Argh. We did hit up Gracewinds and I got the sheet music for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Now I just need to drink rum before I start learning Davy Jones' organ solo. ;)

And then tonight, Dad treated Mom and me to dinner and a movie, Wild Hogs. That has to be one of the BEST movies I've seen in a long, long time. Holy shit, that was a great show. Not very often do I leave a movie theater saying to myself, "Wow, I'd pay full price to see that again, even the expensive showtimes." The popcorn breath for the people around us was pretty nasty though. Popcorn people are weird.

Just enough room here for a recipe. This is Dad's creation, and I think we had this once a week growing up. True comfort food, cheap as it gets, and actually not too unhealthy.

"Curly Noodles" - by Dad
-One bag of noodles. 12 to 16oz. Rotelle or Jiffies are the classic shape, hence "Curly Noodles."
-One can of cream of chicken. Do not use the healthy kind: it tastes like crap!
-Pepper to taste. You can add salt, garlic, herbs, whatever, but I don't.

Cook the noodles until they're done. Drain off all of the water. Dump on the cream of chicken. Stir. Pepper. Stir. Eat. Dad used to cook the noodles in cream of chicken by adding a bit of water, kind of like a poor-man's PastaRoni, but it's easier to just cook the noodles and add the goop later. Less guesswork. Plus it makes the pot a whole lot easier to clean. Oh, and it doesn't really matter what shape the noodles are... but the curly ones taste a lot better than penne or spaghetti noodles.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Little Somethings

I interviewed for my own position today. The interview seemed to go well, although I'm not sure how the other people will do. I'm hopeful. That's about it...

While driving to and from work every day, I often think of the most amazing things to blog about, but when I finally get here at night, I can't remember what I wanted to say.

Chris got me hooked on The Unit. Yes, another military drama to add to the pile... just what I needed. He wanted me to watch Rome with him, and I'll get around to it.

I really need to balance my checkbook. I'm 23, technologically advanced (well, I blog, and that's pretty geeky), and I still feel the need to balance a checkbook. Nevermind that I can look at register balance anytime online. Ignore the fact that I don't have much money in the first place. I like to know where my money is going.

I tried something new for lunch today, a stir-fry frozen dinner thingy, and I actually liked it. I even had an extra side of vegetables. That's five veggies in one meal. And I had salad for dinner. Something is wrong in the universe.

And I have one more favorite thing to add to my ever-growing lists:
If I'm lying in bed with my boyfriend and happen to wake up while he's sleeping, I love the softness of his facial features silhouetted and illuminated by the early morning light. I know how creepy it sounds to say that I like watching someone sleep, but I don't mean it like that at all. To look over and take in the fact that, in that moment, he's at peace, unworried or stressed, resting. Then I curl up next to him and go back to sleep. I really like that moment. :)