Wednesday, March 28, 2007

100 More Things About Me

In honor of reaching 10,000 hits since the creation of my blog, I'm creating a new "100 things" list. The challenge will be coming up with 100 more things without duplicating any from the first list. Hooray for 10,000!
  1. I'm not afraid of asking the hard questions.
  2. I will answer any question about me truthfully--nothing to hide.
  3. I never skipped school (until college).
  4. I never received detention or suspension.
  5. My only Cs were in Algebra II sophomore year, but I got Bs in Pre-Calculus.
  6. I still play with dolls on a regular basis.
  7. I like to clean.
  8. I love to organize.
  9. I don't believe childhood is complete without mud pies and grass stains.
  10. I'm incredibly crafty.
  11. I don't usually wear make-up.
  12. I have green contacts that make my eyes glow brilliantly green in the sunlight.
  13. I'm not particularly fond of roses.
  14. I'd never complain if someone gave me a rose.
  15. I never go hiking without three forms of waterproof ID.
  16. I've kept every movie ticket stub since 1991 when I saw Ace Ventura 2.
  17. I've never ordered anything off of Ebay.
  18. I write poetry.
  19. I rarely post poetry on my blog, because no one likes to read someone else's poetry.
  20. I've had the same alarm clock since elementary school.
  21. My alarm clock is the same one "Gary" used on Early Edition.
  22. I'm told I have a fantastic memory.
  23. My earliest memory is of seeing my little sister for the first time. I was twelve days shy of being three years old.
  24. I've studied several types of handwriting and can write in three distinct styles including my own comfortable script.
  25. I was never sure I could keep a blog.
  26. I never thought I'd ever have someone come back to my blog more than once except my real-life friends.
  27. My real-life friends all think I'm weird for keeping a blog--they don't understand.
  28. I was born in Corvallis, Oregon.
  29. I've cut myself on just about every un-sharp object imaginable, but I've never sliced myself on a kitchen knife.
  30. Due to my "high-impact personality" (read: clumsiness), I'm never far from band-aids.
  31. My ideal man should probably know a bit about first-aid, again, for this reason.
  32. I've fainted several times, but I've only been completely unconscious two or three times.
  33. I've had at least three minor concussions in the last five years.
  34. I want kids very, very much.
  35. I don't want to have many kids... two or three would be nice.
  36. I can usually see those 3-D images in less than a second.
  37. Even though I went to a "party school," I never once wanted to join a sorority.
  38. I never drank alcohol underage.
  39. My top land speed record: just over 100mph.
  40. My top land speed record was on a motorcycle.
  41. We were going so fast, I lost a contact due to wind shear with an open-faced helmet.
  42. I bite my cuticles.
  43. This bad habit started in early grade school, and nothing seems to help me stop.
  44. I enjoy reading about Victorian customs for women.
  45. I always have the urge to wear pants and play with power tools after reading about Victorian customs for women.
  46. I've never dyed my hair.
  47. In seventh grade, I had a perm that made me look like a poodle.
  48. I am never, ever, ever going to get another perm.
  49. For no reason, I have a hard time tossing a good shoebox.
  50. I am pretty sure visitor 10,000 will visit before I finish this list.
  51. I am a Geocacher!
  52. I love to watch movies.
  53. I wear bikinis or string-bikinis exclusively (as underwear).
  54. I pick at scabs.
  55. I've been in an adult store, and I wasn't shocked or offended by anything inside.
  56. I've never flown in an airplane, helicopter, or other machines.
  57. While I don't drink much, I prefer hard alcohol to beer or wine.
  58. I've never done yoga.
  59. I never babysat any children except my own sister.
  60. While I am a scientist, I accept that some things are beyond scientific explanation.
  61. I've only been out of the country one time: to B.C. when I was ten.
  62. I won first place in a hula-hoop contest.
  63. I can change my own oil.
  64. I had a thing for a man in uniform until I dated one.
  65. Even though I studied history and government in high school (specialized in it), and I still love reading about U.S. History, I'm not into politics beyond basic necessities.
  66. I have emerald earrings made from Mt. St. Helens ash.
  67. I once ran so hard that I puked.
  68. I bet if one looked hard enough, they could find anything they wanted to know about me on this blog.
  69. I'm old enough to remember snap bracelets and acid wash jeans.
  70. But I don't remember the Berlin Wall going down.
  71. I believe that trees can communicate with other trees, but I can't explain how.
  72. My highest grades in college were in English and U.S. History, not science courses.
  73. I chose to study science because it challenges me more than other subjects.
  74. I didn't start watching TV shows or movies about dancing until after I started dancing, unlike what everyone asks.
  75. I don't like wearing lipstick because it leaves lip prints on my Diet Coke cans.
  76. When I cut my fingernails, I cut them as short as possible so that no white part is left on the ends.
  77. I cut my fingernails about once every two weeks.
  78. My first words were "mama," "dada," and "mine."
  79. The only sport I really understand is basketball.
  80. I wish I knew more about cars... apparently guys like girls who like cars.
  81. I prefer Facebook to MySpace.
  82. I won't spend more than $30 on a pair of blue jeans.
  83. I won't spend less than $80 on a pair of shoes unless they're on sale.
  84. My two most prized possessions are books.
  85. I would rather have hamburger buns without sesame seeds than with them.
  86. I've never been in a hurricane or tornado, but I've felt two earthquakes.
  87. My favorite cartoons growing up were Mickey Mouse and Looney Tunes.
  88. I type very quickly: I've outrun my own keyboard before!
  89. Due to the time I have spent and do spend at a computer and piano, I'm developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  90. I can't stand yogurt.
  91. I like frozen yogurt.
  92. I generally carry a deck of cards and a book to read in case I get stuck somewhere.
  93. I also keep my camera close at hand, just in case.
  94. Last time I tried, I couldn't bench-press the bar.
  95. Altoids make me sneeze.
  96. I can't wear Nike, Adidas, Reebok, or New Balance brand shoes--they're too wide.
  97. My last one-piece swim suit was in 5th grade... hooray for a bare belly!
  98. I'm very excited to reach 10,000 hits.
  99. I can't believe I came up with 100 More Things About Me.
  100. I'm very thankful I'm done with this list, because I can't think of anything else I want to tell you.


The Guy Who Writes This said...

Maybe you should come to Astoria for a meet the bloggers who put you over the top tour.

thartill said...

Damn.....I was 10003 I was only a couple minutes after Guy so I betcha he got it.

Jaggy said...

I'd like to meet you guys, definitely!

Aww, TH, nobody I know got 10,000. It was either a spambot or someone actually typing "random questions" into Google and linking over. That post is, by far, my most popular.

TH said...

Try typing "Random questions" into google, you are way up there.

I'll give my take on the 100
first 50

1 yes
2 yes
3 skipped but never caught
4 got many detentions but never suspended
5 got a C- in Alg II and many others
6 no dolls for me!
7 I like to clean in spurts
8 I only organize when I have to
9 yes
10 not really crafty
11 don't either
12 don't need contacts mine are green
13 yes
14 yes unless it was a guy
15 yes
16 haven't kept one ticket
17 ordered lots and sold lots
18 no
19 I may post some just to piss-off Guy
20 no
21 I use my cell phone
22 no
23 mine is when I was 2 1/2 carrying a hammer around when my parents built their house
24 studied none
25 I'm sure I could keep mine
26 I guessed I would get 1000 hits a day after one year
27 My friends don't care one way or the other
28 Seaside OR
29 Use knives all day, cut myself 3-4 times in 8 years.
30 Only used B aides a few times at work.
31 My ideal man would...oh wait a minute..
32 Never fainted, been unconscious once in a wreck for 10 minutes
33 no concussions
34 yes
35 yes
36 Some less than a second some never
37 never joined a sorority
38 never drank before 18
39 Top speed = 120
40 Honda Prelude
41 not/applicable
42 yes
43 yes
44 I enjoy reading Victoria's Secret
45 After reading Vict Secret I've always had the urge to not wear pants and oh nevermind.....
46 Dyed mine blonde once
47 no perms
48 yes
49 No problem here, my friend in Bend keeps all his also.
50 yes!

Jaggy said...

RE: TH's #45: I think you should read Mr. Guy's recent version of VS and finish your statement. :P

I didn't know a Honda Prelude would go that fast.

And you have contacts that you don't need? A glutton for punishment, eh?

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Jaggy, thanks for #19. That means a lot to me. I was the 100,000 on TH's site.

I wonder what my stats are these days, I haven't looked for months.

TH said...

My eyes are already green...I dont need green contacts....

51 Not one but surprised it hasn't been outlawed yet for terrorist reasons..
52 not a big movie fan
53 no
54 no
55 yes, that's where I go on every payday..j/k...
56 flown lots
57 usaully drink 2 dark beers a few days a week and 6-7 a few nights a month
58 never done
59 babysat lots of 4 year-olds..lots of ex-gf's had 4 year olds.....
60 Quantum Mechanics?
61 I've only been to Tijuana
62 never been in one
63 Used to, but now I pay for since they check/change all the other stuff that I didn't check
64 eh....
65 Into both history and politics
66 nope
67 nope
68 I doubt it
69 yep
70 I do
71 don't believe they can
72 My highest was science, I always got lippy with English teachers so I always got C's.
73 These statments are getting harder to reply to...
74 same as above...
75 I don't like wearing it because...oh nvrmind
76 yes
77 I have to cut mine every 3-4 days...I break records with fingernail growth...
78 Not sure
79 I understand and play lots of sports....
80 I think guys just like cool/hot chicks (sounds like a oxy-moron..)
81 Never been to facebook
82 I spend $32-35
83 $30-40 I wear em out to quick...
84 My most prized is my doggie
85 I dig the seeds
86 1 earthquake and same
87 All of Goofy's, the ones on sports and the ones with the bees and Donald.
88 I type slow and have to look at the keyboard.
89 Don't know
90 Not a big yogurt fan
91 I like frozen fruit, but not a big ice cream fan
92 No and No
93 yes...always in the glovebox
94 Probably bench 145 now, benched in the 185 range when I played college golf.
95 nope
96 Never had a prob
97 Never worn one.....I agree!
98 I was excited also
99 Me neither!
100 Tell us if your Mom is a hottie (for a look at what jaggy will look like in 25 yrs.)

Jaggy said...

Both of my parents are good-looking. They're not great looking, but for their ages and lifestyles, they look fantastic. I'll have to find a picture of them...


TH: I think you need to MySpace a list of your own instead of stealing mine.

The Guy Who Writes This said...

I agree. There are a lot of local bloggers that want to know more about TH ; )

Frankie said...

... I just visited your blog and am hooked. Remember my name cause I will be back. :) I cannot believe it, I match up to at least 89% of this list. It's like reading one that I made. except that just yesterday I cut myself for the first time on a kitchen knife. Nearly cut the tip of my thumb off. Lol.

Blurpy. said...

Just randomly, shoe boxes are amazing for every craft known to man, it can store the craft, store stuff for the craft or BE THE CRAFT. if only i was so flexible. haha. nice blog, your random. its cool.