Monday, March 05, 2007

And then there was one...

Chris and I broke up tonight.

I wish I knew what happened, but part of me has always known it wouldn't work for long. I was riding the wave as far as it would go.

That was one hell of a wave, and I'm sad to see our relationship end.

Guess that's all I have.

...and then there was one...


The Guy Who Writes This said...

Sorry to hear that, Jaggy. Don't be disheartened, you will find love again.

Jaggy said...

:) I know. I have lots of hope and know that I deserve someone who likes me for the things I am instead of not liking the things I am not.

Another post will follow this one... I'm sure of it.

Uninformed Decision-Making said...

A good memory of a high wave is not all you have and you need not even look around you to find your friends, for we are always here for you.

Life is nothing if not a learning experience. Though I would prefer some lessons be taught prior to encountering them in the real world. Sometimes the brightest stars burn out too quickly. :( I'm glad you learned to surf though; perhaps you will learn to speak whale soon as well.

You need either to be cheered up or simply to dance, I think. Come, leg/foot/hip provided, and dance with us. Free, friendly, personable support persons await your call.

Jaggy said...

I have several great memories, and I definitely have some great friends (both online and off). I try to take more than learning experiences away from relationships. They have always been more than that (well... there was that one...)

No chance of me learning to speak whale soon. I have to do useful and important things with my life first. :P

I do intend to dance this week, though I haven't had much good sleep in the last few weeks, so I probably won't stay late. We'll see. :)