Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Compy Frustrations, Still and Again

My new computer continues to amaze and frustrate me. Tonight, I attempted to download and install a legal version of ArcGIS Desktop but could not use VPN to connect to OSU, so that didn't work. I did manage to get copies of Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and Fireworks to work with Vista, and I finally connected my printer to this computer. My surge protector is so fancy, I had to flip a switch to make it work (it should just be plug-and-go, but apparently it's not). AND I got a copy of Symantec Corporate for Vista, so I'm protected from all those e-STDs out there. :)

I'm really official at OSU now having signed the job offer letter.

I got money back on my taxes this year!

And my new bag and shoes arrived recently:
I ordered a Timbuk2 classic messenger bag (custom build) and Merrell shoes.

I'm thinking about adding a little section on the side called "Brands I Support" for those brands which I tend to prefer and purchase regularly and have neat products or promotions. Call it free advertising, but I'll advertise those people I support. Comments or questions?

Otherwise, this time change has me exhausted. Off to bed...

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