Saturday, March 17, 2007

Congratulations to Derek and Stacy

...on your wedding today! My cousin Stacy married her handsome biker fiancé today, St. Patrick's Day, in Independence, Oregon. Welcome to the family, Derek. I'd mention the insanity, but I'm pretty sure you already got that part figured out on the camping trip.

The ceremony and reception were phenomenal. My aunt (Stacy's mother) worked incredibly hard over the last few months with a little (tiny) bit of help from my own mother and a couple other people. Not a small ceremony at three hundred people, but considering that's really immediate family, a bit of the extended family, and a handful of the family's friends... it could have been a lot bigger. Candlelight ceremony, catered dinner, and an open bar: people seemed to have a really good time.

My sister and I were given the honor of cutting the cake. After Derek and Stacy cut their cake and kindly fed each other, my sister and I sliced up two gigantic sheet cakes and served them. For our services as "official" help, Stacy gave each of us a beautiful silver necklace with interchangeable stones.

I can't possibly post about a wedding without mentioning the dancing. The DJ had some awesome music, but nobody was there with me to WCS or Two-step. My youngest cousin (sorta), who is thirteen (?), asked me to dance. He said he didn't really know how to dance, so I offered to take him outside where people wouldn't watch us and teach him a few steps. I had to show him where to put his hands, how to hold his frame, and how to 'step, step, step' in a circle. He did a great job! Seeing that he was picking things up so fast, I offered to show him a basic box waltz. He did stumble a couple times, but within five minutes, he was working up to a turning box, and given another ten minutes, I could have had him traveling a silver basic. Holy crap, that kid learns fast! I did get two marvelous dances with him on the dance floor, and he tossed a spin onto the end. :) I also danced with my cousin Jacob (who, at sixteen, is several inches taller than me... I remember when he was three... and shorter). I love dancing, and I adore ballroom and swing dances with intricate steps. But there was something fun about not worrying about the beat or steps or trying to impress anyone.

Although do I kinda find it weird to say I danced with my cousins at a wedding--something about that doesn't sound right.

Congratulations, again, to Derek and Stacy!

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