Saturday, March 03, 2007

Curly Noodles

Three visitors. I've only had THREE visitors today. Holy crap, where is everyone?!

I have been busy and stressed this week, and finally got to spend more than half an hour with my boyfriend because he's busy too. We watched a movie last night, and I made him dinner (what is it about cooking for a guy that makes me like them more?). I'll put the totally uncomplicated recipe below. He's been stressed, and I could tell our relationship has strained a bit due to various reasons. But this morning, he did something very cool. I didn't intend for him to read my blog posting about missing my friends (although I wasn't hiding anything either). I do miss my friends. He picked up my phone and started scrolling through the address book very casually, landing every so often on a name he didn't recognize, finally stopping on Emily's name. Without warning, he poked the "dial" button and the phone was ringing. I told him if he called her, he'd have to talk to her, so he did. Poor Emily, some weird guy calling her on my phone... but after a second, she figured it out, and I got to talk to my Emily for a bit. :) It's not the same as having her down the hallway... but I really appreciate Chris for helping me get a little more of what I needed. :)

Chris had to go back to the office today, so I left his house and went shopping for a bit of a project/surprise I'm working on. Not saying who the surprise is for, nor what it is, but I'm brewing up something. Can't be good... there are going to be sharp objects involved, and I'm notoriously dangerous and self-destructive with sharp objects... could be fun. ;)

Met K and went shoe shopping downtown. Corvallis sucks when it comes to clothes and shoe shopping. Argh. We did hit up Gracewinds and I got the sheet music for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Now I just need to drink rum before I start learning Davy Jones' organ solo. ;)

And then tonight, Dad treated Mom and me to dinner and a movie, Wild Hogs. That has to be one of the BEST movies I've seen in a long, long time. Holy shit, that was a great show. Not very often do I leave a movie theater saying to myself, "Wow, I'd pay full price to see that again, even the expensive showtimes." The popcorn breath for the people around us was pretty nasty though. Popcorn people are weird.

Just enough room here for a recipe. This is Dad's creation, and I think we had this once a week growing up. True comfort food, cheap as it gets, and actually not too unhealthy.

"Curly Noodles" - by Dad
-One bag of noodles. 12 to 16oz. Rotelle or Jiffies are the classic shape, hence "Curly Noodles."
-One can of cream of chicken. Do not use the healthy kind: it tastes like crap!
-Pepper to taste. You can add salt, garlic, herbs, whatever, but I don't.

Cook the noodles until they're done. Drain off all of the water. Dump on the cream of chicken. Stir. Pepper. Stir. Eat. Dad used to cook the noodles in cream of chicken by adding a bit of water, kind of like a poor-man's PastaRoni, but it's easier to just cook the noodles and add the goop later. Less guesswork. Plus it makes the pot a whole lot easier to clean. Oh, and it doesn't really matter what shape the noodles are... but the curly ones taste a lot better than penne or spaghetti noodles.

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