Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dialing internationally, please hold.

This has been a week for reconnecting. My aunt and uncle are back in Oregon after wintering in Arizona. I'm very glad they're back, seeing that this aunt has always been a part of my sister's life and my own. We had a fun visit with them in Albany on Thursday night.

I made a quick trip up to Woodburn today with a friend. We went up looking for some soccer and running shoes for him, and he came home with four Guinness pint glasses. I didn't buy anything, though I was looking for another Pop-Tart container to give to a friend (we both love the things, and the containers are pretty sweet: in the shape of of a Pop-Tart, made to protect said Pop-Tarts).

This weekend, one of the kids who came on exchange from Germany while I was in high school is back in town. I had a bit of a crush on him then, and we did hit things off pretty well for 11th graders (no dating though). We're going to meet tomorrow for a late lunch and hopefully lots of good conversation.

I hit a few snags trying to reach him on his cell phone because it's a German cell phone provider. Determination won out, however, and I learned a few things.

How to dial an international cell phone call:
1. enter the correct phone number into your cell phone and press "dial"
2. call cannot be completed as entered
3. reach for land-line phone, redial correct number
4. call cannot be completed as entered
5. get frustrated
6. read phone company's manual again about international calling
7. repeat steps 1 through 5
8. call cell phone company to speak to customer service representative (who has a southern accent so thick it's difficult to understand anything other than "thahnk yeew fer cawlin'...")
9. hold for five minutes
10. give name, phone number, and verify that you can have access to the account
11. asked for contract owner's (not yours) SSN to verify further, say that you don't have the digits
12. deal with CSR who cannot do anything without SSN
13. walk around house with CSR on hold (oh that's a good feeling!) attempting to get SSN from contract owner
14. verify further, hold for five minutes
15. transfer to international dialing department
16. give name, phone number, and verify that you can have access to the account
17. learn that your phone doesn't have international dialing
18. add international dialing to plan
19. hold again, please
20. finally get resolution from cell phone company
21. turn off and restart phone
22. dial correct number
23. finally talk to friend for the first time in seven years :)

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Mom of Three said...

I have never had to call internationally, but after that, I think I'll just email.