Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Family Weekend

I saw a lot of family this weekend, probably more than at Christmas even. Since the wedding was yesterday, much of the immediate family stuck close to town, and we all celebrated Grandma's birthday together. This time also allowed Mom and her siblings a moment to sit down together with Grandma and discuss moving Grandpa out of his current (poor) facility into a nicer one that specializes in the kind of care he needs. I'm hopeful he'll be moved this week.

As much as they get on my nerves and cause me drama and are weird, I adore my family. More than whether or not he drinks or worships God or the sun or whatever, I wish my future boyfriend/husband/significant other understands how important family is.

I had a chance this morning to sit at my piano for a few minutes. Two songs, but two very good ones. I really should play more often... seeing that I don't even interrupt people since the piano is digital and has headphones. Maybe later... after laundry and a shower and getting ready for my week.

People keep warning me that as soon as I start a desk job, I'll gain a bunch of weight. The good news: I've already been working in this very job for six months. If I was going to start gaining weight, I would have. The bad news: I did gain a little bit... but I'm not sure if that was because I'm sitting on my ass all day or if it's because my body is preparing to have kids. Such is life... I'm not that worried... a night out on the town dancing will fix me pretty fast.

I need to do a million things tonight, but I hope to have pictures up from yesterday soon. Right now, a shower. Time to escape from the world, swapping stories, and eating too much.


Mom of Three said...

So? Well? Was there anyone cute there??????

Jaggy said...

I must admit, there were several handsome guys there. However, they were either drunk or related to me (and often both), so I didn't hit on any of them. I couldn't risk the embarrassment of someone telling me I was hitting on my second cousin or something... Even though it's hard to resist a guy all dapper in a tux.

Mom of Three said...

Well, that last part wouldn't have mattered in Warrenton...

Love your haircut, btw, in the photos above!