Monday, March 19, 2007

I Survived Monday

I survived Monday. Today:

-I stuffed three hundred fifty 10"x13" envelopes with our most important mail of the year. I sustained more papercuts than I can count, seeing that they often overlap and criss-cross each other.

-I moved several hundred pounds of boxes from point A to point B.

-I screwed up mailing some documents last week (sent confidential information to the wrong person, eek!), so today I had to correct my error.

-I was in the process of rubber-banding some envelopes when I reached to get another rubber band. In my haste, I lifted the container and a white spider charged at me. I do NOT like spiders. One of my coworkers caught and released it outside while another one stood there making questioning faces at me as I shook.

-I received an unusual e-mail (read: disconcerting, unexpected, and slightly odd), and was unsure of how to respond.

-I pissed off a friend (he had it coming, and I'd do it again).

-I had a horrible drive home in the rain, cars and big trucks kicking up all matter of road chum.

-I messaged the Facebook people to see if they can alter the way Facebook imports my blog: instead of pulling the whole post, I'd like it if they only pulled the first few lines (like ORblogs) so that my friends would have to link over to read the rest of the post.


-Now I'm going to go watch celebrities attempt to dance, then watch The Riches.
Because Eddie Izzard rocks.

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Anonymous said...

road chum. that sounds so... tasty.