Thursday, March 01, 2007

Little Somethings

I interviewed for my own position today. The interview seemed to go well, although I'm not sure how the other people will do. I'm hopeful. That's about it...

While driving to and from work every day, I often think of the most amazing things to blog about, but when I finally get here at night, I can't remember what I wanted to say.

Chris got me hooked on The Unit. Yes, another military drama to add to the pile... just what I needed. He wanted me to watch Rome with him, and I'll get around to it.

I really need to balance my checkbook. I'm 23, technologically advanced (well, I blog, and that's pretty geeky), and I still feel the need to balance a checkbook. Nevermind that I can look at register balance anytime online. Ignore the fact that I don't have much money in the first place. I like to know where my money is going.

I tried something new for lunch today, a stir-fry frozen dinner thingy, and I actually liked it. I even had an extra side of vegetables. That's five veggies in one meal. And I had salad for dinner. Something is wrong in the universe.

And I have one more favorite thing to add to my ever-growing lists:
If I'm lying in bed with my boyfriend and happen to wake up while he's sleeping, I love the softness of his facial features silhouetted and illuminated by the early morning light. I know how creepy it sounds to say that I like watching someone sleep, but I don't mean it like that at all. To look over and take in the fact that, in that moment, he's at peace, unworried or stressed, resting. Then I curl up next to him and go back to sleep. I really like that moment. :)


Mom of Three said...

EVERYBODY watches their loved ones sleep! It's not wierd!

Jaggy said...

Yes, well, I haven't done it before. So there. :P

Okay, FINE! maybe I'm just weird because I haven't done it before.

But thanks for the comment and for letting me know. :)