Saturday, March 17, 2007

Oh, the Oregon Trail...

I grew up playing The Oregon Trail on two-color Apple computers during free-time in the library at school. I'd always be the banker so I could travel with the most loot all the way to Oregon. Of course, I thought it was pretty silly then to walk all the way to Oregon on a computer screen when I was already sitting in Oregon in reality. Several years ago, I acquired an early version of the game. Today, I installed it onto my Vista-Demon. Guess what: it worked flawlessly. I'm up and "traveling at a strenuous pace" as I blog. *Pause to hunt.*

I LOVE this game!

You know what else I love? The Oregon Trail system requirements:
-386 or higher
-Windows 3.1 or higher
-256-color display (and it warns you of that upon installation)
-4 MB of RAM
-2x CD-ROM drive

How incredible is that? Four whole megabytes for a game that has lasted how many years, kids, and deaths before Independence Rock? *Pause to hunt.*

Forget World of Warcraft and The Sims. I'm walking across the continent on The Oregon Trail.

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Jeff Waddell said...

Lol, I'm glad that Vista can handle a game that was designed for Windows 3.1.