Friday, March 23, 2007

Say Thank You!

Before I get started tonight, Happy Birthday Dad! I love you.

Tonight, my parents, sister, and I went to The Olive Garden for dinner to celebrate Dad's birthday. He also got some fancy shop tools (a new lathe and some other stuff), so we picked those up while we were out. Dinner was excellent, and we had a nice time. Our waiter was kind without being obnoxious, expedient (even when slammed with a lot of people), and generally good about doing his job. I waited tables on weekend mornings in a retirement facility for four years. I know how hard that job can be, and I know what it feels like to have a disgruntled old person throw toast at me if I messed up an order. Any time a waiter or waitress comes to my table, be it to bring something or simply ask how things are going, I always thank them. I think I thanked our waiter twenty times tonight. Mom asked at one point, "are you hitting on him?" Nope, I'm just trying to make him feel like he's doing a good job.

Because that's what you're supposed to do. Say thank you!

If someone does something nice for me, steps out of their way, or shows that they've been thinking about me, I absolutely thank them. Example: Chris and I have not spoken since we broke up. About a week ago, he sent me an e-mail with a link to a paper he thought I'd like to read. Regardless of what I'd like to say to him, the fact that I don't really have anything to say to him, or anything else really, I replied with a short, "Thanks." I didn't tell him that to be a better person or to show him up. I said thank you because that's what I do.

Another great example is that of sending "thank yous" after receiving a gift. Mom and Dad taught us to write them when we were learning to write, partly as an exercise in penmanship, partly to learn more respect. I can't say I've sent them every single time, but the vast majority of gifts saw a reply thank you. This is one art/courtesy I really hope never dies: handwritten thank you notes are increasingly rare, and they can definitely score points.

I have thanked the people that pass out exams in college finals. Nothing says manners like thanking the person handing you a piece of paper that, once scribbled on, determines the rest of your life. Generally those people gave me weird looks--LOL, not something they expected to hear.

If you're still sitting here, I'd like to thank you, too. It's not every day I find someone willing to listen to me drone on and on about those silly life lessons I've learned in my short lifetime. Being thankful is one of those important lessons. So thanks.

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Mom of Three said...

Thank you, too---especially for making Astoria-area blogging soooo much more intriguing this week!