Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Seven Songs I'm Into

Mom of Three tagged me, so now I have to list seven songs I'm into, and then tag five other people. I'm not sure I even know five other people... let alone five bloggers... so we'll see how many I get.

On to the songs! and in random order:

I totally agree with MO3 that "Mad World," the Gary Jules version, rocks. I first heard the song in the movie "Donnie Darko" (with hottie Jake Gyllenhaal), and got it stuck in my head for two months before my roommate helped me figure out what the song was. Now I have the piano music and never get the song stuck in my head.

"Livin' on the Run" or "What Love Is" by Scott Grimes. I know I named two songs, but the second one hasn't even been released yet. They're both awesome songs. "Livin' on the Run" is a great commuting song.

"Now or Never" by Josh Groban. I'm not often one to utter a phrase like that, but the song is beautiful. I enjoy singing along, poor as my voice is--good thing I'm alone in my car.

"She Waits" by Zero1 (formerly Hal Sparks Band). Rock and roll, straight up. This song oozes contemporary hit, plus the lead vocalist is an incredible human, setting a great example by being respectful and thoughtful about his ideas and causes. Did I mention he's hot, too? ;)

"Ride of Your Life" by Oliver James. (Ignore the video on that song link - it's the only song sample I could find.) Tossed a Brit on my list, a cutie, and what a voice! I first heard this song in one of my favorite coming-of-age comedies, "What a Girl Wants." This is also the song I had my Birthday Dance to this last November. Yay for Nightclub Two-Step!

"Beyond the Sea" --originally by Bobby Darin, and while his version is excellent, there's something about Kevin Spacey I find irresistible. Um, it's also one heck of a fun Lindy Hop or Foxtrot...

Figure I can't have a list full of male vocals, so I'll toss in Nnenna Freelon's "If I Had You" from the "What Women Want" soundtrack. Talk about singing from the heart... I could listen to Nnenna sing all day. This style, whatever it is, this is what I love.

So there you have it. I'm tagging Whit-o, Mr. Faris, Twisting, and Pirate Bendy. Because I can.


thartill said...

When MO3 was I tagged I figured it would eventually get around to me, but I think I have dodged a bullet. Auntie L didn't pick anyone and I still have a slim chance of being picked by Slave Hubby, but I doubt it.

Either way I would just give a link to my MySpace page where I play a new song everyday. I thought it would be hard at first to find that many, but almost a month has passed and I find myself having to choose between 2 or more songs everytime I change it.

Tonight I had to choose between the new Alan Jackson song and hardcore...I had to go with hardcore.....

thartill said...

Holy crap check out your're extra popular today!

Jaggy said...

YES! I know! I can't believe this!

What happened to my blog? It got all popular on me!