Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stuck Between "Child" and "Adult"

Another set of cluster headaches seems to be upon me. Three times today I've been sitting, minding my own business when BAM! intense pain on the top left of my head. I've had four or five sets in as many years. They're generally brought on by stress, and while they only last a few seconds, the pain is excruciating. Can't take any drugs, and caffeine won't help... just gotta wait them out.

My boss asked me about a week ago if I knew a good banana nut bread recipe. Grandma has a great one, and I'd intended to make some bread and take it to work. Mom said she'd help me if I wanted. Apparently "help" means doing it for me. I very much appreciate Mom helping me, but I would have liked to do it myself. My parents are both like this. Instead of teaching us or showing us how to do something, they do it themselves, and then they whine about how immature and inexperienced we are. The one that really pissed me off was making an appointment. "Mom, I need to make X appointment." was always followed by, "okay, I'll make the appointment for you." In my entire 23 years on Earth, I've made exactly one appointment to see a doctor, dentist, or other professional. I do make my own hair appointments, unless (of course), Mom determines I "need" one on her own and makes one for me. Is it too much to ask to allow me to do these things myself?

Tonight was a night for pampering. I got some hair glaze (whatever that is) and some new make-up, so hopefully tomorrow I'll look more pretty than today. I also buffed my nails and cut my hair. I am not a high-maintenance female (wash 'n' go is great for me!), but sometimes it feels good to do 'girly' things.

Oh yeah! My comic books came today! The six-year-old in me can't wait to tear into them:
Bucky Katt's Big Book of Fun: A Get Fuzzy Treasury
Groovitude: A Get Fuzzy Treasury
Sgt. Piggy's Lonely Heart's Club Comic: A Pearls Before Swine Treasury

One more book is on the way, due early next month.

I ate fruit both yesterday and today, plus I tried kiwi salsa. Two fruits, two days in a row, plus a new food made from fruit, and I liked it! The world is definitely amiss...

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Uninformed Decision-Making said...

Perhaps you'll eventually begin to like sauces too! Before you know it, you'll be craving my Hawai'ian Chicken (yea for pineapples!)!