Thursday, March 15, 2007

An Ordinary Day

Tonight has been eventful, and while busy, quite satisfying. My sister and I commuted together, so I saved gas (okay, she did since I drove), I was back in Lebanon by 5:40pm, and then I took my grandmother shopping.

Every time I take Grandma out, people remark about 'what a good granddaughter' I am to do such a thing. Why on earth would I not want to do something helpful and important for my grandma? She's a handful, don't get me wrong... she's stubborn and overly blunt and downright impossible sometimes, but she's generous and kind. I help her write checks (since she can't see to do it herself), and I have taken her out for spontaneous drives in the country. I don't do it for praise or money or anything but the fact that she's my friend, family, and a really neat person. I'm not the 'good granddaughter' people see... just a kid doing something for someone else.

I'm a little bummed that I won't be taking some handsome boy with me to my cousin's wedding on Saturday. Chris was going to go with me, but after some relationship ending on his part, I've lost my date. I'd advertise the extraordinary amount of free beer, DJ'd music and dancing, catered dinner (good food!), and cute girl to spend time with, but I do have to perform two official functions as part of the wedding reception. They won't take long... and my date would have lots of people to talk to as they stand in line for one of the kegs. Mostly, I want someone to dance with. The problem is that there is a formal ballroom dance at OSU at the same time as the wedding and reception. None of my male dance partners want to go with me...

I spent a good hour trying to copy ArcGIS Desktop onto my computer again tonight. Now I need the hardware key ($50) and something else. Exciting that things are working!

This morning, when I tried to update Vista with and download and reboot, it FREAKED OUT. Vista rebooted itself into some weird alternate reality where none of my programs existed and both Windows Sidebar and Google Sidebar were open at the same time. It wasn't safe mode. It wasn't even displaying that I had an account. I killed the compy from the wall (no power means no go, and I love having that kind of power over Vista), rebooted manually, and everything was perfect. WTF?! I'm hesitant to ever update Vista again.


Uninformed Decision-Making said...

I would like to note I would very honestly have volunteered to escort you to the aforementioned ceremonies were it not for my obligations with Cool Shoes during the Ballroom Dance; performing, specifically. Free food, excellent (read: 'cute') company and new people trumps fun-though-repetitious dances. (erm..Rock falls to Paper falls to Scissors falls to Rock falls to Steam Shovel?) My absense is unfortuitously guaranteed beyond my 'wants.'

Best wishes for you to enjoy yourself with your gathering.

Are your purposes with the GIS software to feed your treasure hunting addictions?

Jaggy said...

I do appreciate the thought. My informants did tell me about the cool shoes performance, so I did not ask any members to go with me. Sounds like I didn't think about y'all, but I definitely was.

No, the GIS software has little (nothing?) to do with Geocaching.

Mom of Three said...

1. Gee, I'm so surprised a new Microsoft project sent your computer into an alternate reality! Their products have NEVER done that before!
2. Now, how are you going to meet the love of your life at the wedding if you take someone else with you? Sheesh.
3. I ADORED my Granny. I unequivocally, unquestionably thought this was one of the coolest people on the planet, and I didn't care if she was 60 years older than me or not. I miss her every day and if I could have the honor of taking her everywhere, I would grab at it. I don't think you're a saint. I think you're lucky.

Anonymous said...

Yay for Grandma!!! :)