Monday, April 09, 2007

Day of Disjoint

I'm eating a cheap chocolate bunny, the only gift I received this Easter, and halfway through one hollow ear, I'm becoming more and more thankful. This is not good chocolate.

Between a congested commute to work and lunchtime traffic with my sister today, I was nearly in five car accidents. I don't even live in a highly populated area! A long drive home after work and visiting Grandpa did me some good. Fields are about as green as they get on a cloudy day here in the valley--renews my spirit to be in the flatland.

I saw Grandpa for the first time since he went into the hospital in mid-February. His dementia is extensive, and the Parkinson's has crippled his body. He had almost no clue I was even there tonight and only responded to Grandma after some badgering. I realized tonight that I've been avoiding seeing him -- and that made me feel awful. He has better days when he does recognize people... tonight was not one of them. It was just a difficult night in that respect.

Rachel IMed to tell me one of the bills from our house in Corvallis wasn't paid. We moved out in June--almost a year ago--and we're just now finding out about this bill. I swear I paid them all, and I have the check carbon copies to prove it. She says the bill has been turned over to collections. I am waiting to hear more, but I think it's a bunch of crap. It is possible that the bill ought to go to the landlord for the time between when we moved out and the new tenants moved in... at least that's my opinion.

And tonight, I came home to a very unusual message on MySpace from a "friend." Scott Grimes and Dave Harris are musicians and songwriters, and they sent me a quick "hello" tonight. I honestly thought it was spam, but on a whim, I responded. You know what? It wasn't spam. They really messaged me. Crazy and cool all at once. Wonder if they've figured out that I am a musician too...

I changed my blog, MySpace, and Facebook profile pictures to the same "new" picture. I don't think it's a particularly great one... but I'm receiving a ton of unexpected attention for it. Not complaining one bit! Just a little curious as to why...

Now I must leave you. I have sweet revenge to seek on a Mr. TH for a rather popular picture of "me."

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Mom of Three said...

Be thankful. Be very thankful. My kids got three huge baskets of See's. I had about 1/3 of each one. I have no self-control. I don't want to talk about how I had taken some pounds off from the Valentine's debauchle but now they are back. UGGGH!