Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hand me the Vicodin, please.

I went dancing tonight, and I had a nice time. Sometime during the day, though, I must have sat wrong or something, because by 7pm, my back kinda hurt. The back pain problem grew steadily worse until, during a Lindy, my partner threw me a bit. I've never learned the lead for this move, so I was not ready for it, plus I can't land on my right leg due to a weak knee. I landed funny and my pelvis shifted or something. I'm pretty sure he noticed I was in pain since he gave me a weird look, but we finished the song. Next up was a fast Hustle. I'd previously promised a boy the dance, and I'm rarely one to turn down a Hustle. I absolutely cannot fault anyone but myself here (so I hope you two boys realize my pain is NOT because of you). The fast song ended, and I, reeling, stumbled over to change my shoes. The distance from the building to my car is perhaps thirty feet. I had to go down two ramps, around a corner, and out of the building, and it still took me five minutes.

I wish I had something better to post tonight, but I'm not really in the mood. I hadn't intended to post tonight at all - thus, you got pictures yesterday as a bonus post. So I'm out for the night.

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