Saturday, November 17, 2007

I Still Look for You

I look for you in the old, yellowing light,
an un-silhouette of your face
when your ghost walks in the room
of the building where we first met.

I hope your eyes catch mine,
that splendid recognition,
but hope is fleeting, and you return
a nod, a faint smile, and a cold shoulder at the same time.

You were the breath and vision
of a young girl’s desire
until you drove away
and drove me away, both of us grieving.

I didn't understand you then,
and I can't hope to reach
you now, but I want you
to know that I still look.

When the night grows dark
and I walk into the shadows
of past lives and long-gone dreams
you're there beside me.

The instant your line
comes into my view, two emotions
tear one another to pieces.
Sometimes I can't decide who wins.

But I still look for you.

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Anonymous said...

wow, that's intense. i like it.