Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm really going to get this done!

After so many weekends of accomplishing little-to-nothing, I feel like spending one doing something. Instead of sitting here at the computer IMing and blogging, I figure I'll try to get the following things done:

-Work on TH's revenge project
-Film TH's revenge project
-Design and create a back support for my desk chair at work
-Purchase a new mouse pad/wrist support for home (since I took the old one to work)
-Clean out desk and closet
-Record new piano music for MySpace music page (not happening)
-Pre-write some blog posts
-Go see a movie (not happening)
-Balance checkbook
-Finish book
-Draw map
-Upload sketches

UPDATE: I've made some serious progress on this list today, and I have high hopes for tomorrow. While cleaning, I managed to "File 13" a whole garbage bag full of recycling (because I would rather recycle than throw away) -- and only had to throw one thing away because it cannot be recycled. I also made a delicious lunch for Dad and myself, and even made dinner for my sister and her boyfriend. Furthermore, I removed the card table from my room that had my old computer on it, and made a bunch more space in this cave I call a bedroom. Someone recently expressed interest in seeing some of my sketches (sometimes I get bored and doodle), so I hope to scan those soon for your viewing horror. AAAANNNNNDDDD, I think I made myself sick last night drinking. I had tomato soup and grilled cheese last night for dinner, washed that down with a strawberry daquiri, and tossed a giant super-rich brownie and some Diet Coke on top of the rest. Note to readers: that was a very, very bad idea. Back to work... I have a couple hours before I'll fall over.

UPDATE #2: Maps are hard to draw. I pulled one together, though, and I'm pleased with the result. Hopefully it'll be helpful, because a map that isn't helpful isn't worth much. I scratched both going to a movie and uploading new music off my list because they aren't happening anyway. Nobody wants to go see the movie I want to see, and I don't want to go alone. Eh, it means not spending that $10. :) And I really want to upload new music, but it means dragging a computer out to the piano to record, edit, re-record, re-edit... it just takes too much effort for me right now. Plus, I have to install the drivers on this computer (if Vista will even accept them), install Cakewalk, and pray that it all works together. I'm not ready for that headache. Maybe next month... or the next. Bedtime!


Auntie L said...

TH aka GolfBoy revenge project? Too cool......I can't wait to see it, or read it or hear about it.

Does it involve dancing and a hidden video camera?

Michael Faris said...

I couldn't comment on your dancing post, but it's super easy to put a YouTube video into your blogger post. When you go to the video's site, there is an "embed" text you can copy and post into the post, and it embeds the video into the post.

Jaggy said...

Thanks, Michael! I figured that out this morning after I removed and re-uploaded both videos. I'll try to get them up here this weekend... sometime... after the rest of this list is crossed off. ;)