Monday, April 02, 2007

It Wasn't In The Cards...

A friend challenged me to a game of cribbage tonight, and I gladly took him up on the offer. I brought my A-game, but sadly lost, and lost quite badly as well. At least with that game, I can blame it on the cards. Once you learn the game and basic strategy, it's all in the cards. Tonight... it wasn't in the cards. :( Two out of three? ;)

Call it cliché or whatever, but every time a relationship ends, I seem to go on a healthy food kick and lose weight. I lost some weight dating Chris (mostly because we didn't like many of the same foods and I ended up eating a lot less), and now I'm finding myself in a similar place. I'm unhappy for some reason, and getting [more] fit and healthy seems like it could help. I worry though, because that seems like a trap. I'm more worried that I'm questioning myself in a situation I normally wouldn't.

I love dancing. Dancing is both an emotional and physical release, and it's a great social experience for me. I'm frustrated with myself for living in Lebanon because it means not getting to stay out in Corvallis dancing as much. If I lived there, I could go home after work, make dinner, and then go dancing until 11pm without having to drive thirty minutes home. The trade-off: no rent here. I'm saving a ton of money living with my parents. But I really, really want to be able to stay out and dance Monday and Wednesday nights. At least when I date guys who dance, I generally have an option to stay with them... that's always a big perk.

And then I wish I had some useful insight to share with you tonight... but the truth is, I don't give a shit about anything at the moment. I'm going to find a comic book, immerse myself in an alternate reality, and then sleep.

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