Saturday, April 14, 2007


Blogosphere, meet Isabelle. She is an overweight, spoiled, ridiculously expressive princess of a cat. I was out taking pictures of flowers when she sauntered over to say hello.

Isabelle doesn't go by her name. We usually call her "Goobie." She's a funny cat. Here, she wouldn't look at the camera because the grass was too distracting.

Is she a cat or a cow?!

Simon. He's giving a pissy face here because I wouldn't put down the camera to pet him.

Pet me! He's a smart cookie, gettin' all cute so that I'll play with him. The sun was out, and he was loving the warm concrete.


Mom of Three said...

I should post photos of my cats, though they're not nearly as cute as that chubby kitty of yours. They just look so much more huggable when they're portly. Did you see that Hercules cat on the news? It was in Oregon but went national! Garfield looked like an anorexic Cosmo model compared to Hercules.

Anonymous said...

i love my goobie! simy is a cutie too, but goobie is my girl. :) they're so cute!!