Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Origami Flowers

Okay, so I don't have anything creative to say again, but I do have pictures of my latest origami creations.

I made three flowers, attached them to wire stems, cut leaves and grassy stuff, and made a vase.

This little project is on my desk at work, and I must say... it gets knocked over soooooo much.

If anyone has suggestions on what to make next, I'm all ears (fingers and paper, really). Most of my origami projects are traditional: one square, no cuts or glue. I'm not opposed to modular projects (using more than one piece of paper), or cutting paper either.

Work was boring today: I burned twenty five CDs and wrapped up half a dozen little projects. I also spent a considerable amount of time driving hit counters up on various blogs... sorry about that. I was pretty bored.

Tomorrow should be interesting: the guys in the business are taking the office ladies out for a fancy lunch. The division there sounds sexist, but I swear it's not... just coincidence that the women are in charge and control the world. :D Part of me dreads going because of the restaurant, but part of me wants to go out of morbid curiosity (to see what the guys are like outside the office). Part of me just wants to go to BK and order a great big hamburger and fries. :D

So there you have it. Flowers and a post, all at once. Happy Administrative Professionals' Day!


Mom of Three said...

Those are lovely. But is this going to be a craft blog now? Because there are a lot of those craft blogs out there. And this looks kinda crafty. Even though it's good. :)

Jaggy said...

I'm definitely crafty, and I post pictures of my work, but no, this is not a craft blog. This is a Jaggy blog. That's why I added the part about work. I only post pics of craft projects when I don't know what to write about. That way I can make a post without having to think. It's called cheating. It's also called blogging. :)

Thanks for the compliments!!! :)

Jeff said...

Wow, that is some intricate folding!

Jeff said...

Jaggy, you should bring some of your flowers to TH this weekend. I'm kinda guessing he'll forget to buy you any!

auntie said...

Jeff, he had better remember. They are going to CB, remember? Not for amateurs.

Jaggy said...

WAIT! I don't need flowers from TH. If he did bring them, that would be okay, but I'm not asking or telling him to do so. And what's this about CB? "Not for amateurs"???

What am I getting myself into!?

auntie said...

Just messing' with you. It will be good. Hope you two have fun!

Mom of Three said...

I hope TH brings you a Jack Russell puppy!!! Now THAT would be memorable!