Thursday, April 05, 2007

Six Intersecting Squares

I love folding paper into three-dimensional art. This is a modular piece made from twenty-four sheets of 5:11 paper. Each color is four sheets folded into a ring-like square-ish shape, and then the squares are slid together to make this completed shape. I folded all of the pieces in about two hours, but assembling took another two hours. Okay, it really took two days because I assembled it incorrectly the first time, couldn't figure out what I did wrong, got frustrated, thought about throwing it against a wall, wadding it up, and lighting it on fire... but I knew I could do it. And I did.

"Six Intersecting Squares"
February, 2007


The Guy Who Writes This said...

Very cool, Jaggy!

Anonymous said...

i like how you photographed your origami with a dark background. it makes the colors stand out. i tried doing that one once, but i couldn't make it fit together... and got to frustrated. but my big stary thing that you helped me put together is pretty cool, eh?

anyway, that was funny when that "th" dude and that "guy" dude were going at it on that one post. hehehe. that's funnies!

Jaggy said...

Thanks, Sis. I brought all the origami home from work, but I left Collin again on my bulletin board. I think he likes it there.

The hardest part to the square thingy is assembling the squares themselves. And yes, your star-thingy is beautiful. We make a great team. :)

When TH and Mr. Guy go at it, things can get pretty funny. :) Mo3 chimes in and all hell breaks loose. Those coasties sure do know how to make a kid feel welcome. :)

Anonymous said...

wow, i used the wrong form of "to" on that last post. i can't believe it... i can't go back and change it, so i thought i'd let you know i really meant to say "too" instead of "to."

wow... i'm sillies!