Monday, April 23, 2007

Too Tired to Stamp Straight

I couldn't keep my eyes open today. Don't know why, but staying awake at work this morning was a huge chore. I awoke early, by 6:00am, without the aid of an alarm clock. I popped out of bed, got ready for work, got to work, and *crash*. I was sitting there staring at the screen looking for the correct icon to click on and couldn't get the program to open. I kept clicking, but nothing happened. I opened my eyes a bit more to see the cursor about three inches from where it needed to be. One of the computer guys spied my heavy eyelids and was making fun of me through my window (that looks out into a hallway).

The worst of it was when I was date-stamping some papers. I inked the stamp, smudged it on my paper, flipped the paper, and went to repeat the process... but couldn't get any ink to go on the paper. I pounded the stamp into the ink pad a few times and tried again. No stampy. WTF? Pound, pound, pound again. No stampy. Getting frustrated, I focused my eyes on the stamp pad to see if it was not functioning correctly. Umm, well... apparently I was not quite hitting the stamp pad and was instead attempting to retrieve ink from the lid half. A bunch of fuzzy black marks with today's date smeared around clued me in. At that point, I gave up stamping.

Tonight, I'm going to bed early.


Auntie L said...

Well, erratic stamping isn't as life threatening as, lets see.... toothpaste 'stains.'

BTW, love your new found love and appreciation for the use of the all encompassing and usually appropriate for any occassion "WTF".

Jaggy said...

Thanks Auntie L! My use of WTF isn't new by any means... but it's the only way I feel comfortable saying "fuck" around people I don't know and don't want to offend. Mr. Guy and TH say they like a girl who swears. My friends, on the other hand, aren't too fond of my language skills. ;)

I say, a well-timed fuck is better than misplaced shit anyday. ;) (That's original! ...and I can't believe I said that!)

Auntie L said...

Jaggy, honey. You rock, girl I had you all wrong.

Take it from Auntie who did't full embrace the "Fuck" until lately.

Now its like the flood gates have opened. Seeing the look on peoples faces with a well timed one is....well, 'precious'. Really.