Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Virtual 'Room Raiders'

MTV used to have a show called "Room Raiders" where three people (either guys or gals) would be removed from their houses and a stranger of the opposite sex (generally) would go into their rooms to try to learn as much as they could about the room's owner, and then they'd select a date based on the room they liked best. MTV culture aside, that's a pretty thoughtful premise: the stuff you have around you is probably a good indication of the person you are.

But then, of course, I had to ask myself, if someone raided my room, what would they find? Do I appear mature or feminine or intelligent or ...?

If you raided my room, you'd find:

-a made bed and tidy room
-two operational (but one running) computers, a GPS, and a TV.
-a teddy bear and a doll on my bed.
-several photographs and poster-pictures, some with award ribbons hanging from them.
-a couple intricate works of origami.
-a stack of drawers in my closet full of crafting supplies.
-two bookcases: one floor-to-ceiling oak case with science textbooks and historical writings and stories, a shelf of old notebooks containing various papers and writings; and a smaller bookcase with tons of adolescent literature.
-a voodoo doll... with pins stuck all over in it.
-a box containing paid bills and receipts, organized and filed.
-both a high school diploma and a college diploma, sitting on my dresser.
-a small, empty bottle of Pravda vodka.
-tons of pencils.
-good lighting and lots of homemade wooden furniture.

What does my room say to you?


auntie said...

Well, Jaggy....I would say that you are an anal crafter/scientist type that has a very small soft spot for the booze. Good God, let your hair down girl. Spring for the big bottle once a year and don't make the bed one morning a week.

Jaggy said...

HAHAHA! I'd put out the other empty bottles, but I don't have room for them right now--and they're all full-size. When I get my own place... ;)