Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Walked Right into that Blister...

My sister and I had a good lunch together. I also ran a few errands after work looking into new jazz shoes (not going to happen), and am getting my leather practice shoes stretched to give me more toe room for more stable spins. In case you missed it, those are dance shoes I'm talking about.

Somehow, I convinced Chris to hang out with me after work. We met at Bald Hill Park and walked around and around. The good news: we're getting along fine, and I don't sense any animosity between us. The bad news: we walked a looooooong way. Including the off-road trail we took, I bet we walked a good three miles. I wasn't wearing great shoes for a walk and ended up with three blisters.

Have I ever mentioned my slight fear and incredible hatred of blisters? Give me blood, give me guts, I'll take bile and pieces of brain or lung... I don't even mind feces if I'm properly covered in protective material. Blisters freak me out.

After our crazy walk, we had dinner and went dancing. Nobody made me dance, and I realize that. But I was going to dance tonight if it killed me. The only thing worse than getting blisters is putting blistered feet into dance shoes. Oooohhh, the pain!

I lasted about an hour of fairly solid dancing. I took a few breaks (during the Latin songs)... though it helped little. On top of sore feet, I was wearing pretty thin. My vision tunneled out after a totally kick-ass Lindy with Chris (that has to be one of the best dances I've done, and I even screwed up half a dozen times).

Showered, popped some blisters (with all manner of sterility, completely grossed out the whole time), and bandaged myself up. I should probably get some water in me... but I'm too tired to move. Tomorrow will come too soon.

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