Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blog Stats

I enjoy watching people, seeing their habits. One of the reasons I keep an eye on my stat counter is to find out where people visit, what page they enter on, what page they leave on, etc. I'm able to see this information, and yes, I track IPs quite extensively. I know how often Mom visits my site, and I know how often I'm driving my own stats up with updates.

One of my favorite things to do is watch someone link over from MySpace or Facebook and see where they go. Some people enter and leave on the main page, and others click around a little. My most popular pages are "Random Questions," "Recipe for the Perfect Man," and "100 Things About Me." The "Posts of Note" section and "Labels" sections are probably the most clicked on, and people rarely click on "Archives."

I keep track of keyword searches too. The vast majority of people hitting my blog come from a Google search, "random questions" and all of it's articulations ("random witty questions," "list of random questions," etc.). I've had recent hits from, "apple haiku" and "she waits zero1." Part of me questions if these are really searches by humans or if they're spambots.

I'm high on the list for "Silver Falls State Park photos" and "value of handwriting."

How did you find my blog?

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