Sunday, May 20, 2007

Changes, Updates, and Cleaning House

I spent my weekend focused on organizing, updating, and cleaning out a lot of junk.

My computer is also my TV, and I record TV shows directly to my hard drive. I realized I had several dozen gigabytes sitting around, so I burned what I wanted to keep onto DVDs and tossed the rest. I also set my recording quality much lower so that I'll (hopefully) be able to get more than two hours on a disc.

My bathroom drawer isn't big, and I have a couple shelves underneath the drawer for all of my bathroom supplies. I didn't really think I was much of a diva, but I seem to have collected a ton of crap. I ended up tossing a pile of old make-up, and I'm letting go of all the old pairs of glasses that are outdated and the incorrect prescription. I'm keeping my very first pair of eyeglasses from second grade, and of course I'm keeping my current pair (duh), but I'm donating the rest.

I revamped my MySpace page, updated that profile, and updated my Facebook and Blogger profiles. I went through Picasa, removing duplicated pictures, labeling photos, and uploaded nearly 100 photos to MySpace and Facebook. I also added a few more to my blog (below).

Yesterday morning, I vacuumed and wiped down the interior of my car, washed the outside, and touched up a bunch of rock chips in my hood. My car looks fabulous again, and that makes me happy.

I haven't been motivated to blog lately, thus you've been seeing a lot of pictures. Dancing played a role in that, and I'm sure I won't be around much this week due to more dancing. I feel like this is a critical time for me to be dancing: either I'm about to grow a ton and really move on with dancing... or I'm going to fall out of love with it. Dancing is an expensive commitment, even more so since...

I BOUGHT NEW DANCING SHOES TODAY!!! Um... I better not stop dancing... :)

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