Thursday, May 10, 2007

Did I Mention I have Syphilis?

That's right! And I got it from my father on Christmas morning. :)

Now that I have your attention... let me explain with a few pictures and a link.

My dad heard me talking about these guys from ThinkGeek, and being a science geek with a sense of humor, he couldn't resist. In addition to Syphilis (The Pox, pink), he also gave me Common Cold (purple) and Mono (blue). These fun, squishy, informative toys sit in my bookcase with my other medical and science books. They come with a little tag explaining what kind of virus or bacteria they are, and a microscopic view of the actual germs they represent. Giant Microbes also sells a few others I'd really like: Flesh-Eating Disease, Mad Cow Disease, and Giardia.
By far, my favorite thing to do is break it to guys that I have syphilis. They always respond with an aghast face, terrified of me for an instant. When I tell them I got it from my father on Christmas morning, they pretty much run away screaming. Hehehe, it's not nice, but it's funny! :D


Mom of Three said...

That first line made my heart stop! But then I saw the pictures, and as fate would have it, one of the girls who came to my daughter's birthday party this last weekend brought "Bad Breath." It was green. They also have "Flu."

Anonymous said...

your link is broken :(

Jaggy said...

Links have been fixed, I hope. Blogger really fucked those up!