Saturday, May 05, 2007

I'm never buying another raffle ticket!

Last night was better than I could have ever expected. I convinced Emily to meet me in Albany for some yummy pasta at PizzAmoré. Jeff came too, and another friend joined us. I had the delight of introducing Jeff to the (truly) one and only Eddie Izzard via audio track on the drive to and from Corvallis, and he seemed to really like it. :) Of course, if my conservative father can sit and listen to Eddie Izzard and think his comedy is funny, just about anyone can. Dinner was spectacular, as always there, and we laughed so hard that I almost had spaghetti come out my nose. I've had water and pop do that, but spaghetti is pretty wonky to go out your nose. My stomach still hurts from laughing so much.

After dinner, I met back up with Emily at OSU, and we went to the charity dance there benefitting kids who need surgery for cleft palates. We didn't dance a whole lot... there were too many girls and not enough guys to be able to dance every song, but we did get a few great dances in. I had an awesome partner for the first swing, and he really pushed me hard to get all the leads right... even though I totally screwed up one turn and went the wrong direction. ;) My shoes were still a bit tight, and that made my toes hurt some, but I toughed it out. I danced with someone I've never really danced with before (which is pretty amazing considering we're at almost every dance together), and he surprised me--he's a smooth dancer and an easy-to-follow lead, which I adore. He does make some funny faces when he dance though, and that can be a little distracting. ;)

There was a raffle, too. When Emily and I paid to get into the dance, the guys behind the booth didn't have change for my $10, so they gave me two raffle tickets with my admission. That's fine... I know the money went for something good. I didn't really want to win any of the prizes--they were for local bars and restaurants that I don't eat at much. Emily promised me if one of my tickets was drawn, she'd claim my prize for me. ...But the plot thickens. One of the organizers came over to Emily later during the dance and asked if she'd help him draw raffle tickets for prizes. She agreed. When the time came, she pulled out ticket after ticket for different prizes. I was "lucky" in not winning anything. Someone won a free piercing at a tattoo shop, and several people won small gift certificates to shops and eateries around Corvallis. One of the big prizes was a $25 gift certificate for lingerie.

And guess who won?

That's right. ME. Since Emily drew the ticket, I had to walk the long way across the wooden ballroom floor to claim my little white envelope. Snickers, laughter, shouts, jeers... I heard it all on that marathon of a walk. So now I have $25 to spend on lingerie... that I won't even get to use because I don't have anyone to wear it for, and I'm pretty cool just wearing cotton or nothing at all. A few people came up to me later with the snide comment/question, "So Jaggy, you gonna get leather or lace?" Ugh. I think that's the equivalent question for females what "boxers or briefs" is to a male. Makes me rethink ever asking that question again...

We had a fantastic night, complete with tons of laughter, some good dancing, and even winning a raffle drawing (embarrassing as that was).

I've uploaded a movie (below) of myself dancing with [yet another] Chris. You should watch it, leave a comment, and make me happy today. :)

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