Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A little down... just a little

I'm a little down today, and I can't explain why. Work wasn't fun: I tore paper along perforated lines for two hours, and then I stuffed those papers into envelopes or filed them away. Later, I entered codes into the computer to generate more reports that I'll get to tear apart tomorrow and mail or file. As boring as that sounds, I'm getting paid for it. My arms are actually sore from tearing apart four-part copies for the last two days. Ugh.

My mom came to visit me at work today for a few minutes as she was on her way home from training some people in a different office. I'm glad she was able to stop by campus and check out my little corner of the world.

Dinner was uneventful, spent reading while I forced down some icky fried rice. Every time I go to Panda Express, I'm reminded why I don't eat there very often. Not good.

The evening picked up. Some intelligent philosophizing and quick dancing made me smile more than usual. I am excited that I had a dance partner for a WCS that actually gives back some of that chemistry I try to weave. If only I actually knew how to WCS! LOL.

I was riding a pretty big dance high until just after the hour break when I stepped outside for some air. *whoosh* the energy all went out of me. My stomach tied itself up and started hurting, and the second hour was a frustrating hour of poor dancing on my part.

I hate feeling like I do right now. I'm surrounded by people that love me, and I'm healthy with no reason to be down. But I feel alone. Not that people aren't listening, or that no one cares... I'm just feeling alone. Usually I like that feeling. Tonight... not so much.

Maybe tomorrow will solve all of this purple I see in my thoughts.

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