Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Memorable Moment #2

I was always the good kid, the straight-A student (until high school anyway), near-perfect attendance... but in 5th grade, I had this horrible habit of not doing my math homework. One of my most memorable moments (and lowest points) was in 5th grade when Mrs. Barber gave me lunch detention.

Why, if I was a great student, did I not do my math homework? It doesn't stand to reason, seeing that I've always been highly capable of doing math. In 5th grade, I think we were working on long division. My logic was probably 'do enough to show the teacher you know what you're doing, a couple story problems, and call it good.' Apparently the teacher didn't see things the same way.

One day, she wrote some names on the board. I'd never, ever had my name on the board for any reason, so I ignored her. "These are the people who need to stay in for lunch detention today," she stated. I glanced over the list, but must have brushed too quickly. At recess, I got up to go outside, and she stopped me at the door with a shout. When I turned around, my eyes immediately spotted my name, and tears welled up impossibly fast.

I'd screwed up, and Mommy wasn't going to save me from the inevitable.

My teacher handed me a stack of assignments and told me to finish them that afternoon or else I'd have lunch detention for the rest of the week. Lunch detention wasn't like regular detention--it didn't go on my permanent record, and it didn't mean anything other than not being able to go out and play. Except I didn't know that then. I essentially had an insta-melt-down. My teacher sent me up to talk to the counselor.

We determined together, during lunch, that I had too much on my plate to get my math homework done. Between being in the 5th grade band and the citywide Big Band, being a Peer Helper, being on School Patrol, ,mentoring a mentally and physically handicapped student, and taking piano lessons, I was stretched pretty thin. I was only in class about half the time, maintaining excellent grades, and never missed a day of school. The counselor talked to the teacher, but she wouldn't budge. I had to do the homework.

Either do the homework, or give up other things.

I had that math homework done in under an hour--all six assignments...
and I never had math detention (or any detention) again.

I also turned in every required assignment, even in college. Sometimes they weren't perfect, but I turned them all in.


auntie said...

You are the definition of "type A", Jaggy.

Do yourself a favor and slow down once in awhile. 'Life' will wait for you.

Jaggy said...

HAHA, I don't think I'm fully a 'type A' person. Certainly, back then, I had quite the stick up my ass.

But I've mentioned in several other posts how much I've mellowed in the last five years (and other people have said so). I'm only a perfectionist now when it comes to handwriting. And spelling...maybe.

Sheesh, you must think my life is no fun.. just for that, I'm going dancing tonight. :P

auntie said...

Did you get any photos of TH when you were in our part of the world last weekend? Or if you did, please say you are saving them for future revenge....

Jaggy said...

I have always believed that if a person wants pictures of themself posted online, they can do it themself. Sorry, Auntie, I respected TH's privacy and did not take any pictures of him.

If TH wants me to take pictures of him next time I see him, I'd be more than happy to do so. Hell, with all his new-found photography talent, I bet he could get a better one himself. :P

Thartill said...

Dang...nearly every post turns into something about TH...

And I think we have seen Jaggy's "Revenge"...wasn't much :-)

Of course maybe I haven't really pissed her off yet....Hmmmmmm.

Jaggy said...

Yes, TH, I've noticed that. You're almost as popular here as on your own blog. But don't blame me... MO3, Mr. Guy, and Auntie are all behind it.